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Brown, Karen - Contemporary sculpture using art and technology. Utilizing raku, anodized aluminum, cast acrylic, and holography.
Bunnetât, Age - Highly individual sculptures, weathervanes, candlesticks and fountains direct from the artist. Commissions welcomed.
DIAKO, DIAKO - The international contemporary painter Diako, presents his last work : mixed medias paintings. Usefull inforamtions, next exhibitions and biography about the artist who is now represented in most major public collections.
Felton, Julianne - Original fine art featuring Florida landscapes in acrylics, oils, and watercolors.
Jenkins, Michael - Neomodernabstracrepresentationalsymbolicrealism is what I was once told that my work falls in. Acrylic painter with collaged foils. A true 21st century look.
Krueger, Kerry - Ureathane on metal.
Modiest, A. J. - Retrospective interpretations of classical African antiquities. Abstract impressional limited prints. Metallic original mixed media artwork.
Naepflin, Gisela - Contemporary Designer Jewelry made with Murano Glass, Turquoise, Corals, Gold, Silver and Steel
Petringenaru, Runa - Byzantine Transylvanian outsider / folk art. Reversed painting on glass in mixed media: oil, acrylic, guache, gold & silver foil, walnut & garlic juice, fingerpaints & ink. Mythological beasts & icons in a primeval, vivid style.
Phelan, Alan - Alan Phelan, Contemporary Artist
Tanner, Anne - These beautiful sculpted canvases have been constructed using many different techniques and paints. They hang freely from a wooden pole, which passes through the top of the canvas.
Troppy, Daniel - Daniel Troppy is a self taught folk artist from Atlanta.
Velasco, Gary - Specializing in the reproduction of World War II vintage nose art panels.
Wintje, Kim - Sculpture that focuses on political and environmental issues.
Yarbough, Kevin - Modern handcrafted functional art and art furniture by Kevin Yarbough
Granata, Rossella - Welcome to the official web site of Rossella Granata, paintress of Italian Contemporary Art.

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