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Adler, Marne - Mythic layers of glazes, images of divine strength Featured!
Adolfsson, Mattias - Drawings, and prints taken from a normal brains imagination
Bales, Marcus - Simple, as Richard Wilbur says, can be divided into three kinds: the beautifully simple, the elegantly simple, and the too damned simple. So, as long as together we avoid the "too damned" we can get beauty and elegance.
Bancroft, Shelly - Portraits and figurative art: drawings, etchings, sculpture, watercolour and oil paintings.
Barton, Hope - Fine art online gallery of Orlando artist with landscape pictures, oak tree pictures, pictures of palm trees, dog pictures, realism art, etchings, and paintings for personalized gifts and home decorating ideas.
Bulman, Rick - "His work reveals a passion for detail and a fascination with the style of the old masters that is seldom seen in today's fast paced world ...
Capek, Miroslav - On-line gallery of my graphic work mainly in the form of genuine direct lithographs. Samples free for collectors.
Dajnak, Mania - Prints and Poetry
Danko, Patricia Jane St. John - Patricia Jane St. John Danko is a visual artist who creates paintings, drawings, sculpture, and masks, as well as original prints in serigraphy, etching, lithography, and woodcut. She works in acrylic, oil, and mixed media.
Dupuis, Francois - English / French. Etchings, paintings, and sculptures by François Dupuis, artist from Lyon, France.
Fantazos, Henryk - Engravings and Etchings by Henryk Fantazos,hand-pulled,numbered prints with flickering occurences of imagination
Kaliana, Raven - Studio site featuring the surrealistic acrylic paintings, etchings, and figurative clay sculptures of West Coast artist Raven Kaliana.
Kim, Marina - Emerging artist creating portraits, figurative art, and contemporary art.
Kozlova, Tatiana - Tatiana, talented painter offers you her way of life through her paintings...
Kubrick, Christiane - Christiane Kubrick's paintings, etchings, drawings and events.
Lapayese, Ramón - Website devoted to Spanish artist Ramón Lapayese (1928-1994). Oil on canvas, sculpture, prints, Bullfight scenes, Tauromaquia, Life-Sized Sculpture, etc. All texts in English and Spanish.
McCann, Dennis - Commission a work, or purchase original acrylic celebrity portraits (some autographed), abstracts, lithographs, intaglio, silkscreens and woodcuts by artist Dennis P. McCann.
Mealey, Christopher - A meeting of new age and traditional art etchings, paintings, and drawings exhibited in a shockwave presentation.
Miller, John Anthony - The artist is mainly known for his highly detailed miniature etchings and engravings with fantasy and spiritual themes.
Penuel, Jean - A france artist with education in Paris. Water colourist, mixed techniques, portrait, oil and colour etching. Style: between abstraction and reality - between dream and reality.
Reeves, Sarah - Great Poetry and Art you'll enjoy it!! Have Fun!
Sheeter, Cathrine - Animal art by 21 year old artist, Cathrine Sheeter. Most works are in pencil or color pencil. Commisioned work available.
Sterzenbach, Heinz - Views of Berlin and its surroundings along with surrealistic, figurative, and abstract pictures in various media.
Stinson, Lacey - My painting space is process and evolution. From simple to very complex, canvases are built like pruned plants, cultivated, shape-oriented, earth, figures, and others.
Sullivan, C. Edmund - Figurative paintings, prints, and sculpture in marble.
Theis, Lois - Art gallery of Lois Theis consisting of acrylics, printing, Egyptian art, and foreign scenes.
Trebukova, Masha - In search of the best expressions of reality.
Vincent, Miranda - This site is an exhibition of my paintings, etchings, animations and cartoons.
Weitzel, Al - Canadian nature artist Al Nelson Weitzel creates outstanding original paintings using the relatively uncommon medium of scratchboard. Originals, Limited and Open edition works are for sale.
Bucalo, Soledad - Gallery of Soledad Bucalo paintings, etchings and sculptures.
Carambia, Alejandra - Drawings and Xilographies
di giovanna, salvatore - Surreal visionary artwork realizated with the old master's technics and traditions
Dimovska, Sonja - Fine art by the Contemporary Macedonian graphic artist Sonja Dimovska. Here you can find a virtual gallery of her traditional as well as mixed technique prints.
Djordjevic, Milos - come and stay
Nesch, Rolf - Rolf Nesch Homepage offer the best and most comprehensive Internet presentation of the life and work of this trail-blazing artist.
Vasserman, Benjamin - Website about international Estonian printmaker

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