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Ali, Kareem - Alexandria Virginia Artist Kareem Ali. Paintings and other works of art.
Baker, J.w. - Custom made fantasy and wildlife wearable art.
Brooks, Zulma - Abstract mixed media on canvas by African-American female unknown emerging artist, Zulma E. Brooks.
Burke, Kristin - Costume Design, Mail Art, Fine Art, wacky Holiday card photos
Calef, Nancy - I paint people (oil and 3D) in everyday situations while addressing cultural issues in our society. To create a more satiric and exaggerated style, I often break the plane of the canvas with sculpture and found objects.
Chapman, Emily - Unique hand crafted pieces constructed of white plaster, cloth and wire. Framed and 3D artifacts. Very different with a mixture of modern and traditional methods.
Chitrakar, Lekh - Oil on canvas by accomplished artist Lekh Chitrakar of Patan, Nepal. He paints daily life of the people in the Himalayas and the Kathmandu Valley.
Commes, Christine - creation of abstract and contemporary tapestries hand made and stitching in wool - no pattern - only one original-can't be reproduced.
Feldmansky, Marianna - The Ultimate Experience in Art by Marianna Feldmansky.
Gear, Emily - Emily Gear works in encaustic combined with various collage elements. Her work has an emotional appeal that is distinctly feminine, steeped in the delicate and brutish aspects of “yin”.
Gerro, Helen - Contemporary art of couture.
Godecke, Karen - Online gallery of fiber art for the church created by artist Karen Godecke.
Hartman, Deana - The Chameleon Quilt Studio reflects diverse viewpoints from moonstones to computers to spirituality. Original creations sculpted by fabric, thread, and beads.
Mason, Penny - Michigan artist Penny Mason creates one-of-a-kind original whimsical figurative designs in clay and cloth based on stories, everyday people and her imagination.
Moss, Allen - lyrical...MATERIAL...madness. In FAMOSSART, the idiosyncrisities of Pop Culture are intimately engaged with a sense of lyrical enlightment.
Muzyka, Pola - Presenting three dimentional, surrealistic fine art portraits and paintings that delight the spirit and stimulate the mind. Sublimely suggestive of a modern old Renaissance Europe.
Olin-Ranstam, Lisbet - Figurative fiber art
Parragh, Istvan - Embroidered wildlife and pet portraits by award winner artists Istvan Parragh and Ildiko Pataki
Randall, Barbara S. - Mixed-media art quilts by Barbara Randall that are embellished with a variety of found objects to enhance the sculptural quality of the quilt.
Rinchen-Wongmo, Leslie - Pieced thangkas. Hand-stitched mosaics of silk by a contemporary textile artist working in a sacred Tibetan tradition. Gallery, history, and process. Works on comission.
Tsai, Yeachin - "Everyday Ink" is a new challenge I set for myself, as a way of my daily mediation, and, to share my artwork with more people directly. I am using ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil, on all kinds of surfaces, to create a work a day.
Voegtle, Petra - Asian style Woodcarving, Fiber Art and Photography - contemporary interpretation of ancient Asian art forms captured in wood and textiles.
Witkam, Jeanne - Surrealism oil paintings for sale - original surrealism oil paintings. Buy surrealism painting for sale by famous artists in surrealism paintings online gallery.

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