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Almeyda, Diane - Plique-a-Jour is the seldom seen and most difficult enameling technique resembling miniature stained glass and reminiscent of Art Nouveau.
Altman, Richard - Fusion Studios creates fine and functional art sculptures from glass and metal. The work, including custom lighting, can be used in residential or commercial locations.
anush, ayelet - Experimental,glass design studio in Australia creating sculptural , architectural and functional glass objects, utilizing printing casting curving painting etc. in conjunction with other materials
anush, ayelet - Experimental design studio in Australia creating sculptura ,architectural and functional glass objects, utilizing printing casting curving painting etc. in conjunction with other materials
Bales, Marcus - Simple, as Richard Wilbur says, can be divided into three kinds: the beautifully simple, the elegantly simple, and the too damned simple. So, as long as together we avoid the "too damned" we can get beauty and elegance.
Bell, Larry - Larry Bell, a Taos, New Mexico contemporary artist, investigates improbable relationships of surface and form through glass and bronze or on canvas and paper.
Bishop, Jeau - Hand blown and sculpted hot glass art from Seattle glass artist Jeau Bishop. Original art glass vessels, vases, sculpture, Space Rocks & Moon Stones.
Dowden-Crockett, Debra - In today's world of mass production and commoditization, original handcrafted works of art are becoming rare. Handcrafted glass art and jewelry offer an opportunity to own and display truly unique works of art.
Dyson, Jennifer - Designs and handcrafts unique beaded jewelry using semi-precious stones and glass. One-of-a-kind and made-to-order pieces. Retail and wholesale.
Fontinel, Sarah - Sarah Fontinel produces intricate and unique mosaic and glass artwork that is suitable for any size project, indoor/outdoor, gallery, architectural, corporate office, restaurant, hotel, community, or home.
Fox, Alan - Contemporary hot glass artist with 32 years of creative glassblowing experience.
Fredericks, Orion - is a reference to all the media I work in.
Gosney, Paula - Stained glass windchimes handcrafted out of salt shakers and oil cruets. Colorful and whimsical containers drilled to accomodate lengths of stained glass and filled with iridescent marbles.
Karat, Thomas - Artworks in glas and metal. From erotic bronze lingerie and sculptures to large gotic candelabras.
Kay, Andrew - combining nature and man made artifacts, expressing the interconnectivness of all things, these are the themes that inform my sculpture.
Korven, Cathy - An online gallery of watercolors; cityscapes, florals, and portraits by artist Cathy Korven from Vancouver Island, Canada.
Lee, Steve - Gallery of engraved glass from artist Steve Lee. Commissions undertaken.
Lerner, Frank - Frank Lerner makes unique stained glass. He uses precious metals to stain images into the glass.
Magnell, Nancy - Original reverse painted glass windows, chandeliers and lamps
McIver, Jay - A selection of meticulously sculpted glass designs for your enjoyment. Come browse my online gallery today, and enter the contest to win a free glass sculpture!
Morris, Dale - Dale Morris, is a southwestern hardwoods and fused glass artist, specializing in "one of a kind" Mesquite furnishings with Turquoise inlay or fused glass.
Moss, Allen - lyrical...MATERIAL...madness. In FAMOSSART, the idiosyncrisities of Pop Culture are intimately engaged with a sense of lyrical enlightment.
Munoz, Frank - Three-dimensional glass sculptures created by Frank Munoz.
Nelson, Elizabeth - Unique custom handcrafted wedding favors, corporate gifts, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, fused dichroic glass, silver hair pins.
Nelson, Raymond - Check out this site for unique and contemporary glass art.
Palumbo, Rosanne - Hand made glass sculpture, jewelry, vessels, pens, dinnerware, glassware, Ro's plant pals, Home of Rosanimals TM, clocks and gift items by artist Rosanne Palumbo, Long Island NY.
Pasquel, David - This site is a display of the collection of works created by David Pasquel, an artist in New York City.
Perreault, Denise - Nationally-known bead artist creates large-scale works with small glass beads, including pictoral curtains, sculptures, vessels, and functional pieces.
Pozniak, Janusz - Hand blown glass art and functional objects
Repass, Randolph - Northern Ireland's only Contemporary Hot glass Studio. Contemporary one off lighting and figurative, conceptual sculpture. Courses in Hot glass.
Rosenlund, Avis Ann - Glass art in all forms including reproduction of buildings, interpretation of the classical art, functional pieces, jewelry. Most pieces are created by kiln work others by traditional glass methods.
Rubino, Bryan - Affordable art glass for the novice to the seasoned collector, in Brilliant colors and patterns, by one of Americas leading Glass Blowers.
Smith-Lamothe, Terrence E. - An artist and an architect, Smith-Lamothe designs windows for specific locations and themes.
Sotka, Laura - Exciting Pop Art Dogs in paintings,limited edition fine giclee prints and stained glass.
Various, Various - Swirls of Color offers Decoupage, Art, Crafts and Handmade Furnishings to the Retail, Corporate Gift, Hospitality and Health Care markets.
Yarbough, Kevin - Modern handcrafted functional art and art furniture by Kevin Yarbough
Britenbucher, Renie - To bring a sense of joy through my art is something that is important to me. I love viewing art which brings me a feeling of happiness and hope mine does the same for the viewer.
Geers, Jasper - Artwebsite of Jasper Geers, a Dutch artist inspired by the typical landscape of Holland.
Johnson, Tommy - This is the online gallery for Tommy Johnson. It is one of the best online galleries on the Internet. Tommy Johnson is a both a skilled artist and a trained actor, not to mention a former college lacrosse standout.
Neuvirth, Karin - I use dramatic colors and lose brushwork to give impressions of familiar shapes and emphasize emotions. I create jewelry from fused glass and sterling silver.

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