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goldfarb, adar - bringing life to inanimate objects with a twist on familiar and well known subjects. Featured!
Armstrong, Charles - Acrylic paintings of lighthouses, portraits (you and/or your pets), Maine scenes, flowers, and more.
Brewitz, Tom - In Tom Brewitz's hands, raw metal is transformed into reflected light and graceful motion. Spheres, ellipses and squares — in perfect balance — are magnificently juxtaposed against wind, sky and architecture.
Cameron, Clarence - Original, one-of-a-kind sculptures of owls in soapstone, bronze, copper, and pewter
Cela, Doris - International sculptor. Specializes in stone, metal, and wood sculptures depicting abstract forms that are approachable and elicit emotions and feelings. Visit her online gallery.
Elmarakbi, Nesrin - My art gallery is acrylic, water color, gouache, fashion, mixed media, collage art, pastel, and more. You invited to my art gallery at:
Fields, Mike - horse sculpture, horse statue, friesian horse, arabian horse, bronze, eagles, hawk, tigers, angels, religious, figures, figurative, nudes, traditional, wildlife, granite, realism, master
getrost, shonda - cool, upbeat, unusual subjects, in unusual materials.
Goichman, Esti - Contemporary ceramic sculpture by Esti Goichman for sale Works includes assorted techniques and materials Inspired by Tribal art.
Harvey, Syprian - Not the usual resuscitation of the dead.
Holden, Peter William - An alternative approach too virtual reality using physical objects to create virtual worlds. Peter William Holden (alias karotz) brings into existence these worlds using a mixture of recycled rubbish and consumer products.
Koshland, Emelie - High Fashion Inspired Images, Painted by hand.
Krueger, Nils - Nils Krueger creates original contemporary sculptures made of metal and mixed-media.
Manning, Lonnie - Lonnie Manning has many examples of stained glass, paintings, metal, and glass sculptures. Always eager to try new things, just for you!
Mauriks, Adrian - "Mindful of ecological integrity, no decision should be made or taken by an individual or a corporation that does not fully articulate the environmental impact caused by it".
Maxton, GarE - Contemporary metal sculpture offering more than just a pleasing appearance; these desktop works offer an intellectual challenge and a favorable weight, fit and feel.
Meyers, Peter - Peter Meyers lets the world speak through his metalsculptures. He tries to create the ultimate alliance between the raw material and shape.
Morris, Dale - Dale Morris, is a southwestern hardwoods and fused glass artist, specializing in "one of a kind" Mesquite furnishings with Turquoise inlay or fused glass.
Nelson, Elizabeth - Unique custom handcrafted wedding favors, corporate gifts, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, fused dichroic glass, silver hair pins.
Ngim, Kum-Thong - Sculptor from Singapore - where the east and the west meet
Rocco, Ron - Sculpture, Installations, Media & Internet Projects, VRML, Public Projects and Exhibition calendar.
Roosen, Tim - Metalsculptures and wrought iron work by Tim Roosen.
Sari, Hasan Fuat - These pages explore the abstract and non-abstract wood-, bronze-, metal- and terracotta sculptures as well as figurative oil paintings by Finnish sculptor and painter Hasan Fuat Sari, a Turkishborn artist living in Scandinavia since 1980...
Savett, Noah - Noah Savett is sculptor born in Utica, New York in 1950. His sculptures are done in metals out of his studio in Saratoga Springs, NY.
St. Croix, Judie - I am probably best known for my Hawaiian Dancers and Tropical Gamefish. A self taught sculptor since 1977, I enjoy a busy schedule creating cast bronze pieces as well as welded copper and brass wall sculpture.
Steimle, Robert - A collection of the creative works of RW.Steimle.
Stockhausen, Arnd F. - German Artist Arnd F. Stockhausen produces abstract and realistic representations of his world on a variety of industrial media including sheetmetal, plexiglass and resin
Turner, Jud - Online gallery of metal sculptures - figurative, animals, organic forms and abstractions by Jud Turner. Other visual delights.
Ubertino, Caesar - Caesar Ubertino is a Canadian sculptor. He uses fountains and flowing water to add a further dimension to his brass and copper sculptures.
Vladescu, Stefan - Abstract and conceptual sculptures done primarily in bronze and steel.
Williams, Jeff(Obafemi) - Flash site with music that previews metal & wood wall sculptures.
Wintje, Kim - Sculpture that focuses on political and environmental issues.
Yarbough, Kevin - Modern handcrafted functional art and art furniture by Kevin Yarbough
York, Keoki - Sculptural Art and Design with a practical application of expression and approach.
Yotkov, Valentin - Valentin seeks to revive the ancient practices of Chasing and Repousse on jewelry and hollowware made in silver, copper and gold. His studio is the only school in the USA specialized in Chasing/Repousse instruction.
*, pj - Florida artist creates handmade one-of-a-kind sterling silver jewelry. Wear it like you mean it.
Frédéric, Clerc-Renaud - bronze sculptures representing nude or dressed female in all kinds of attitudes expressing each a particular feeling matched by a new face for each sculpture
Jonsson, Johan - Junk art sculpture in metal & mixed media. Raw outsider art by sculptor J Jonsson.
Kaccoufa, Theo - Sculpture, kinetic art and time based work by London based artist Theo Kaccoufa. Includes working drawings and models.
Lueck, Brady - Nationally recognized representational artist creating immaculately detailed noble themes using direct metal art for corporate, public and private collections.
Ray, C. - C. Ray of Fused Metal Art creates beautifully intricate tree wall hangers in copper and brass with a completely unique foliage technique.
Walker, Richard - Georgia Metal Wall Art and Metal Sculpture Lighted designs, indoor outdoor freeform stainless sculptures.

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