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Ana, Karena - Our Service provides one of a kind pieces of functional objects of art. We do Murals, hand-painted furniture, and all decorative accessories. Featured!
de raadt, ariadna - also my digital portfolio at Featured!
Derr, David - David Derr Fine Arts - Artwork includes original oil & acrylic paintings, mixed media, collage, digital, reworked polaroid image transfers, & oil pastels. Themes include dance, music, myths, spiritual quests, humor and nude studies. Featured!
Eichenbaum, Marianne - Please take a look at my website! Featured!
goldfarb, adar - bringing life to inanimate objects with a twist on familiar and well known subjects. Featured!
Israelian, Hratch - Artworks created by an undetectabel painting technique, that is imperceptible to the eye. The works appear ethereal and phyical manifestations of a reality that exceeds our own wordldly expectations. Featured!
Perry, Jessica - Jessica Perry is an artist who works in a variety of media. Her Subject matter consists of figures and portraits juxtaposed with objects, text, and /or their environment. Featured!
Wardley, Michelle - Australian Ocean Artist Michelle Wardley Online Gallery & Virtual Portfolio of Award Winning Artist. Original Oil paintings for sale, on Beligian linen and board, created without brushes. NEW Fine art Prints & Gift Cards. Featured!
, Vall Palou - Colours and textures
Ardass Kaur, Siri - In my creations I seek to capture an energetic snap shot of inspirational states of consciousness.
., Duma - Fantasy and symbolistic art with oil and mixed techniques.
Abernathy, Kathryn - Bold abstract acrylic paintings
alain, Ponçon - artist painter, in his gallery paintings and poems exhibits his work and those of his friends painters and poets
Allen, Tommy - Tommy Allen's Polaroid work has been exhibited in New York's Soho gallery district three times during 1998-99. All works are handprinted by artist.
Allingham, Robert - A professional scientific illustration service. Specializing in archaeology, palaeontology, astronomy and zoology illustrations.
Alt, Jane Fulton - Alt’s photographs explore universal issues of humanity, reflecting an interest in the mysteries of life and the non-material world.
Altman, Richard - Fusion Studios creates fine and functional art sculptures from glass and metal. The work, including custom lighting, can be used in residential or commercial locations.
Amidon, Shannon - Alternative process photography including liquid emulsions, Polaroid transfers, and sun prints. Mixed media artwork with photography as the main element.
Ayma-Aubeyzon, Albert - Creative photography of author for urban and natural landscapes, rural themes, artistic monuments; christmas cards and reflection images; U-kiyoe japanese woodblocks by Hokusai, Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi....
Balanchivadze, Anton - This is the website of georgian painter Anton Balanchivadze
Barnard, Jennie - Paintings, prints and photographs by a young, emerging fine artist.
Barros, Né - Life and paintings of Portuguese abstract painter.
Barton, Andrew - Figurative and abstract sculpture made with plastics, ceramics and other mixed media.
Beange, Jason - Full of pop, flash, and computer art; concerned with icons and the use of modern materials.
Belmar, J.P. - J.P. Belmar is an artist with many venues and international success. Her mixed media originals, giclee fine art prints and wearable art emanate a colorful world in which nature meets ingenuity and hard work blissfully unites with play.
Benichou, Philippe - Fine art gallery featuring mixed media, oil, pastel, digital art, abstract expressionism style of painting, high quality glicee prints available
bibeau, michael - bebo's unusual yet unique work is out of bones,creating one of a kind pieces,statues,motorcycles,never before seen art but always remembered.
Bielefeld, Marge and Bud - These unique hand-crafted figurative sculptures respresent the guardian spirits inhabiting the forests, mountains, rivers and the plains of ancient America. When you invite 'Ancient Ones' into your home they bring the power and the peace from the drums and campfires of a long forgotten people. Come share the spirit!
Bisbee, Chuck - Affordable original art done right in our studio. Custom art also available for the home or office.
Biscari, Stefano - Biscari brings to life images and thoughts from the twelfth dimensional experiences with vibrant colors, that inspire and tantalize the imagination.
Blandford, Anna - My web site is a unique look at my work and how it came about. There are not only finished works, but work from my sketchbook.
Blasi, Ivo - surreal artworks of Ivo Blasi
Bojórquez, Martha Elisa - Contemporary Expressionist painting presenting figurations, abstractions, and mask paintings in oil or acrylic. A playful experimentation combining form and color.
Boneham, Sunia - These Paintings are the Untangling, Reweaving, Raw Complexities of Experience in New York City.
Bowman, Brice - This site is a good example of sophisticated contemporary art made using the computer.
Brambilla, K - Just come see it.
Braslavsky, Felix - Mr. Felix Braslavsky, a prominent contemporary Russian born American artist has enjoyed a long and successful career as a graphic artist, theater designer, book illustrator and painter.
Brown, Dennis Lee - This site is the online portfolio of New York artist Dennis Lee Brown. See his paintings, portraits, and biography.
Buckingham, Barbara - Hand cut black paper from freehand drawings, using gold leaf, opals, pearls, and gold balls as accents. 3-D mount, on one or more layers.
Buckingham, Barbara - Hand cut black paper from freehand drawings, using gold leaf, opals, pearls, and gold balls as accents. 3-D mount, on one or more layers.
Buettner, Anthony - Primarily portrait renderings, human and animal, in pencil, colored pencil, water color and other mediums.
Bulzacki, Bogumil - Abstract contemporary artwork by artist Bogumil Bulzacki - acrylic, mixed medium ,3-dimentional.
Burke, Kristin - Costume Design, Mail Art, Fine Art, wacky Holiday card photos
Burnett, Catherine - handbuilt sculptural ceramics representational of such things as a stormy sea, Marde Gras, a tear in time, the American flag, etc.
Byrnes, Julie - An Australian artist and sculptor working on Australian themes through contemporay art.
C hapman, Susan - Limited edition prints of the digital fine art of Susan Chapman, including the New Mexico Impressions, New Era Scrolls, and Inner Landscapes series.
Carlo Salinger, Karen - Biomorphic mixed-media sculpture and painting, exploring ideas of beauty and discomfort through natural and unnatural forms and textures.
Carton, Joe - Contemporary Paintings
Caulfield, Louise - Art inspired by dreams, personal visions, and the "quest."
Ceytaire, Jean-Pierre - Website of Jean-Pierre Ceytaire exhibiting his paintings, sculpture, engravings, illustrations, and lithographs.
Christensen, Kari - gothic, monsters, fairies, dragons, robots, girls
Cline, Teresa - My paintings are created primarily out of a personal or emotional response to my daily experiences and relationships. I try to take the essential feeling of an experience and translate it into a colorful visual interpretation.
Conde, Frank - Virtual art gallery showcasing the works of modern mystic visual artist Frank Conde.
Connolly, John - John Connolly. Contemporary landscape artist working mainly in acrylic and mixed media. Cornish Seascapes, Derbyshire landscapes. Exhibits in Cornwall and Derbyshire.
Cooper, Craig - Incorporating historical images with a contemporary twist, exhibited in Australia, Asia and Europe.
Cortes, Xavier - Explore the dark art of Xavier Cortes. Paintings, sculptures, bizarre bits and pieces.
Cortés Zarrías, Gaspar - Gaspar Cortés Zarrías artwork exhibits a wide selection of his works from 1990-2000. Paintings, collages, drawings and engravings inside a modern and vanguardist concept.
Cunningham, John - ArtPhoto illustrations of Wildlife, animals and birds. Available as unframed or framed Prints up to 30" x 35". Affordable PhotoArt on Fine Art Media.
D'Angelo, Elizabeth - Finding the truth inherent in our own centers, in the centers of objects that we often overlook, and the centers of spaces that we inhabit.
Davids, Miriam - A showcase for the photographic art of the young German artist Miriam Davids.
Deater, Linda - I have painted in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. My paintings are colorful, lively, bold, 3-dimensional, experimental, and thought-provoking.
Demarjian, Haig - Haig Demarjian's gonzo dadaist correspondence art tributes to old horror movie icons. One-thousand rubberstampings as well as the world's first online palindromic comic book.
Dix, Carman - art from the Niagara wine region
Donley, Ray - Unique Baroque-like figurative painting and mixed media work with dark pyschological undertones.
Dowling, Janet - Fine fantasy sculpture of an exotic and fantastic nature. Figures range from mermaids to shapeshifters, faye and primordials.
El-Kordy, Noura - The "art-corner" shows expressive paintings, sculptures, and lyrics by Noura El-Kordy.
Ellis, Christine - San Francisco Bay Area artist creates figurative and abstract art using mixed media on paper using a selection of both neutral and vibrant colors.
Evers, Roger - Eclectic travels in art land, with stops in in The Mask Zone, The Void, Dream Land and the literary arts. All aboard!
fedorov, maxim - Art gallery Maxim Fedorov
Fishgold, Susan - These explore the visual and spiritual rhythms of color as the expression of the movement within form, the life under the "skin" of the image.
Forget, Bettina - Website of contemporary artist Bettina Forget. Visit her on-line gallery featuring acrylics, mixed media and installations on the subject of astronomy and weather.
Fountoulis, Stratos - Acrylics on hand-made paper mounted on canvas, medium sized up to 120 X 220cm, influenced by primitive cave paintings.
Frank, Iris - Scene, mural and figurative art.
Fredericks, Shane - Mixed media collage including acrylics, dyes,inks, stones & art glass on canvas.
Gantman, Martin - Martin Gantman's home site includes contemporary and conceptual visual projects and writings.
Garcia, Julia - Original fine art paintings done in mixed media on canvas with sculptural and textural effects in three dimensional format.
Gasharov, Rumen - Gashar is a bulgarian artist. His paintings combine professional art and popular culture. He paints the simple human things in everyday life in a unsophisticated and distinctive way.
Gear, Emily - Emily Gear works in encaustic combined with various collage elements. Her work has an emotional appeal that is distinctly feminine, steeped in the delicate and brutish aspects of “yin”.
German, Ron - "Wandering, Wondering" juxtaposition of a poem and a painting and other artwork by Ron German Jr.
getrost, shonda - cool, upbeat, unusual subjects, in unusual materials.
Gibbs, Gale - Contemporary artwork and collage paintings using acrylics and mixed media.
Giblin, Claire - Award winning, original art; employing the use of color and composition to create "compelling" pieces; evocative and subtly powerful.
Gill, Gene - Unique one-of-a-kind miniature models of historical landmark buildings and monuments from around the world.
Gill, Linda A. - Linda A. Gill, creating her own state of art with oils/acrylics on canvas, mixed media and photography - colorful & unique. Visual satisfaction with a twist.
Gingles, Bill - Mixed media abstract paintings evocative of time and the timeless human spirit.
Gischer, Rob - Three dimensional painter searches for the fourth spatial dimension in painting.
Glass, Laura - Features the art of Laura Glass, a talented young multiple media artist, recognized with numerous awards and showcased in galleries and art exhibitions.
Glessner, Lori - Showing work in mixed media digital photo montage and mixed media fabric collages using photo transfer, embroidery, paint and found objects. Plus photo-retouching and graphics portfolios. Also, a very extensive links lists for artitsts and craftspeople.
Glessner, Lori - Showing work in mixed media digital photo montage and mixed media fabric collages using photo transfer, embroidery, paint and found objects. Plus photo-retouching and graphics portfolios. Also, a very extensive links lists for artitsts and craftspeople.
Godecke, Karen - Online gallery of fiber art for the church created by artist Karen Godecke.
Goedheer, Guido - Art between the european cobra movement and the expessionist from the usa east coast.
Golembiewski, Maria - Landscapes, seascapes, florals, wildlife, and other subjects done in oils by artist Maria Golembiewski.
Greene, Serene - Contemporary abstract mixed media paintings. A synthesis or painting and sculpture the works are inspired by urban remains, architectural elements and textures.
Greinert, JoAn - Metaphysically-themed art, providing universal connection through symbolic sight. Motivated by spirit and devotion to help humankind find truth, is the artist's relentless driving force.
Grier, Kona Bonn - Beautiful, soothing, contemporary art with a colorful twist of magic and mystic.
Guzman, Lorena - Lorena Guzman`s works, sculptures and paintings dealing with medicine and childhood among others..
Haeme, Barbara - Gallery of mixed media artwork by artist Barbara Haeme. Cards, gifts, prints and original artwork can be purchased online.
Hainfeld, Cat - Friendly monsters and wonderful animal characters! Cat Hainfeld captures their vibrant spirit in her original sculpture and writing.
Hainstock, Bob - Bob Hainstock is an award-winning printmaker, writer and university educator. His techniques include collograph, relief, monotypes, mixed media and experimental rust collographs.
Hall, Robin - subversive/alternative christion icons. “Poking a stick into the belly of Jesus Christ.” Beautifully made and original wall hanging sculptures.
Haney, Daniel - Beautiful original watercolors and limited edition prints. Abstract, landscape, floral and wildlife.
Hansen, Jeremy - Paintings on display and for sale by artist Jeremy Hansen.
Harris, Kate - The Glitter, The Glamour... the Love of fashion.. the body..cosmetics..80's reflection of color..texture..oil, acrylic, spray-paint, pop art, collage, culture of today.
Harvey, Syprian - Not the usual resuscitation of the dead.
Heeps, Ronnie - The oficial site of scottish artist Ronnie Heeps who takes one step beyond.
Heyes, Jane - Original art for sale and commission.Themes include sunshine landscapes,chic contemporary pieces for stylish interiors and simple stunning patterns.Professional work
Hochhalter, Theresa - ORiginal multi-media artwork by Theresa Hochhalter, a Colorado artist. Paintings, prints, painted furniture, and multi-media projects.
Hoel, Unni - Unni Hoel, a native of Norway, is an accomplished musician, artist, and author. She has exhibited and sold her work on two continents.
Holden, Peter - Loosely representational treatment of industrial and archeological sites as well as a variety of more abstract images.
Holton, Jeremy - Peach Tree Gallery represents Western Australian artist Jeremy Holton whose colourful landscapes flowers and nudes are collected internationally.
House, Larry - Limited edition bronze sculptures of the Native American/cowboy and their relationships with the horse.
Hutton, Tara - Art Deco Paintings by San Francisco Bay Area Artist - Tara Hutton. Original artwork created as an homage to the great painters of the 1920's and 1930's.
Infurnari, Joe - is a dynamic, visually rich website featuring the interactive painting/sculptures of Joe Infurnari. See the actual works and experience the digital simulations online!
Jameson, Gary - Sculpture and drawings of the American industrial landcape.
Janka, Johann F. - Abstract acrylic, oil and tempera paintings on canvas and carton - painting is my life - creating expressions and earning impressions is always my goal.
Jiang, Wayne - See the FreeLance Art Director portfolios on photographic, multi-media, graphic, and fashion design.
Jones, Heather - Featuring original and reproduction acrylic paintings. Whether you are looking for fanciful fairies, abstract designs, or palette-knife impressions there is something for everyone at ArtGirl H.
Jones, Kim - Interpretations in Graphite by a Native Texan.
Jukic, Dragan - Present work of the artist (painter) D. Jukic.Interesting, modern, abstract oil paintings, watercolor paintings, acrylic, pastell, mixed-media and graphics (linocut, relief printing ). Beside the informel, there are other kinds of painting, too ...
Kalechman, Irit - Irit Kalechman is an Israeli artist presenting new works of mixed media on paper and oil on canvas.
Kalkan Erenus, Özlem - Artist's site with personal info and examples of works. Mainly works from recent series "Remains of Yesterday" are available. Arrangement of canvases with mortar relief.
Kane, Solomon - Metaphysical surrealism in psychedelic colors concerning philosophy and spirituality. Existentialism and symbolism in bright and vivid color. Kierkegaard blended with Bosch, Brueghel, and Goya.
Kaplan, Peter - Strong earth color abstract forms related to landscape and some figurative elements.Highly textured with impasto and markings. Some acrylic and granular layers
Keech, Colette - Online gallery of original art, photography and design by Colette Keech
Kilkenny, Karen - Unique handcrafted Mosaics for your home and garden. Tables, Mirrors, Wall Art, Birdbaths and more!
Kinzer, Pit - the freelance artist Pit Kinzer shows his artprojects as installations, photography, "woodprints" etc.
Kleinsteuber, Jennifer - Sexy pop art portraits by painting diva, Jennifer Kleinsteuber. Located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Graduated from Emily Carr Institute Art and Design May 2003.
Klimowicz, Henry - Cardboard work of the unimportant.
Kline, Harry - Illustrator for the "Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas and Antilles". Limited edition, signed prints of sketches and charts. Large inventory of Constructionist sculpture. Pratt Institute.
Knaack, Monika - Simple forms from nature and workday in an expressionistic manner.
Koshland, Emelie - High Fashion Inspired Images, Painted by hand.
Kraft, Ernst - Ernst Kraft, contemporary artist, his studio in Malaga (Spain), recent works, publications about the artist and his work, links
Kroussos, Kosmas - Excellent mosaic art work with a new technique invented by the artist. Hand made tiles joined with mixed media from a unique piece of art. Also oil paintings and portraits are available. Commissions are accepted.
Krueger, Nils - Nils Krueger creates original contemporary sculptures made of metal and mixed-media.
Kuhn, Donna - Virtual gallery of artwork by Donna Kuhn.
Lafleur, Paul - Saskatchewan artist paints landscapes, florals, and still lifes in watercolor and acrylic using various techniques, media, and styles.
Lammar, Rom - Abstract paintings by contemporary artist Rom LAMMAR from Luxembourg.
Lander, Gillian - A personal gallery plus information about the contemporary New Zealand artist's work in progress and on sale elsewhere.
Last, Lane - Colorful Abstracts depicting Scientific and Cosmological themes.
Le Grand, Carolyn - Expressive use of watercolor,acrylic and permanent colored inks. Vibrant and powerful expressions.
Lee, Jacqualyn - I After spending many years developing & refining a 3-D painted sculpture technique , it has been enourmously well recievied by professional juries & public clientel. I will continue to do my Trompe L'Oeil styles , seascapes & new willdife series
Leinow, Leonardo - Leonardo Leinow's website is an exquisite display of his visual mastery combining Sacred Spirit, sensual erotic, masculine-feminine and Angelic forms within the Heart space.
Lentz, Michael - Abstract expressionism exploring science, nature and dreams.
LeRoy, Brooke - Freelance Graphics and Illustration. Anything and Everything;-)
LeVier, Karen - This site contains a sampling of artwork by Karen LeVier, which inclueds Raku pinch pots, vases, sculpture and computer art.
Lewis, Allison - Mixed media painter, working in acrylic and oil employing various mediums on wood. Formal marriage of shape, colour, texture, line and composition.
Lewis, Barr - Mixed media works which are colorful and bold by artist Barr Lewis. An eclectic yet cohesive collection with works ranging from small original pieces at small prices to larger more intensive creations of intriquing content and style.
Lewis, Peter David - Sculpture and photography drawn from buddhist philosophy and exploring the natural
Linius, Brita - Danish painter working with flowers in a new, expressive AcrylicCollage technique.
London, Marlene - Marlene London creates multi-layered, thick, rich, juicy oil, wax and mixed-media pieces.
Lopez, Paula - Personal online gallery of Paula Lopez, Bolivian abstract painter.
Luhrs, Cynthia - Cynthia Luhrs is an abstract contemporary artist who creates paintings using mixed media, encaustics, oils, acrylics, linoleum carvings, and block prints.
Mac, J - Conflict, compassion and co-operation are concepts I express in a plastic figurative form. Using tactile materials, my sculptures express thoughts, feelings and desires of human condition.
MacLellan, Christine -
Maitre, Andre - Exposition of paintings and sculpture by artist Andre Maitre.
Mandel, Debi Lee - Online gallery featuring the work of international award-winning artist Debi Lee Mandel.
Manning, Lonnie - Lonnie Manning has many examples of stained glass, paintings, metal, and glass sculptures. Always eager to try new things, just for you!
Marks, George - Contemporary figurative paintings inspired by his roots to the landscape and culture of South Louisiana.
Martin, Robert - An exhibit of work by Robert L. Martin including ceramic assemblages, landscape paintings, digital photography, architectural design, & web page design. Links to artists' work & resources from around the world.
Martinez, Caroline - Artist: Caroline Martinez Studio: Barrio Mexican Religious Art Opened to the public 512-825-8460 512-524-5556 Art For Sale
Mason, Penny - Michigan artist Penny Mason creates one-of-a-kind original whimsical figurative designs in clay and cloth based on stories, everyday people and her imagination.
Maudy, Christine - artist web site. Works and invitation to the next exhibition
May, Lucy - Artist-run Internet gallery, database and resource. Exhibits/promotes small selection of contemporary artists. Changing exhibition programme. Active artists' community planning exhibitions throughout the UK.
Mayer, Ralph - artist`s online gallery of RALPH MAYER with young art and classic vehicle fine art & more in exhibition.
Mayfield, Tufani - Mixed media abstracts inspired by the mythology and mystical practices of ancient cultures. China, India, Egypt. Reproductions and surface design services available.
McElhenny, Haze - The online portfolio and domain of artist/poet Haze McElhenny. Browse a growing visual gallery or utilize the expanded link listing of art and poetry resources and reference lists.
McGory, Mac - Original and unusual art work made with real butterflies.
McKenna-Borth, Abi - Unique three dimensional hand-crafted spiritual framed art from Texas artist and designer Abi McKenna-Borth. Winged Guardians are inspirational pieces that reflect your connection to your faith.
McKenzie, McKenzie - McKenzie's work depicts the human form to communicate the deepest of emotions to her audience. Her work is spiritual and introspective while still connected to the universal viewer.
Melita, Lisa - Primitive Asian, African and Native American inspired ceramic and mixed media vessels.
Melita, Lisa - Primitive Asian, African and Native American inspired ceramic and mixed media vessels.
Melvin, James - Artwork done by artist/illustrator James Melvin who lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He specializes in portraits and conducts teaching workshops as well.
Metrov, . - Cutting Edge Fine Art Paintings and Giclee Prints in a unique blend of figurative, primitive, and abstract styles.
Mielko, GV - Traditional meets contemporary in these romantic interpretations!
Miller, Gail - Vibrant original artwork in bold colour and fluid line.
Monblatt, Laurie - Artist,Laurie Monblatt creates mixed media wall relief sculptures and mixed media paintings. The finished product hovers between painting, sculpture, and an ancient artifact.
Moreton, Bill - Online art galleries displaying original fine art prints and originals by a Scottish artist Bill Moreton based in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire Scotland.
Morgan, Catherine Jo - Art for Energy™: iron, copper, paper, & mixed media sculptures centered on vessel forms; abstract expressionist paintings
MOUSIE, MOUSIE - Serene art prints of beautiful women, commemorating the New Orleans Mardi Gras and other festivals. Art Nouveau was 100 years ago. This is Art Nounew!
Munro, Janet - New York artist J.L. Munro exhibits her contemporary folk paintings.
Myall, Tanya - Artist from Bath, England specialising in evocative flower paintings, handmade greetings cards, digital art, and photography. Visit my new online gallery for affordable art.
Myhill, Paul - Contemporary Christian paintings by Christian artist and minister, Paul Myhill. Modern expressions of traditional Christian symbols.
Nadii, Aria - Richly detailed paintings inspired by illuminated manuscripts, with mythological and alchemical themes. These deeply layered small works on canvas are often reminiscent of ancient artifacts.
Neustaedter, Chrissandra - Chrissandra's acrylic paintings are full of rich, vibrant colour and texture that appears as though it is carved out. Please refer to her website for more information.
Nikkal, Nancy - artist studio, contemporary fine arts gallery, abstract paintings, prints, digital works and collage by Tenafly, NJ artist Nancy Egol Nikkal, original art works for sale
North, Jenna - Jenna Norths Opulent paintings and assemblage offer a new way of viewing ornamentation.
Ogden, Nicklaus - Mixed-Media Artist,Photography,Digital and sculptural. Engaging the viewer through color and tactile appreciation.
Ono, Yoko - Your source of up-to-date information about Yoko Ono's artistic career, music, interviews, life and the latest related news.
Paine, Ron - Definition of mystical art with pictures and poems.
Palmer, Marcy - This is a portfolio site that includes photography, video, and new media art. These works deal with themes of identity, memory, domesticity, consumerism, and American culture.
Palumbo, Rosanne - Hand made glass sculpture, jewelry, vessels, pens, dinnerware, glassware, Ro's plant pals, Home of Rosanimals TM, clocks and gift items by artist Rosanne Palumbo, Long Island NY.
Panasewicz, Marquis de - Welcome to the Marquis' world of fantastic dreams and let your most hidden desires free. Your custom commissions are accepted.
Parfait, James - Virtual Contemporary Art Gallery of James M. Parfait, Contemporary Artist from Southeast Texas.
Pastore, Elio - Digital art and fractal art in the personal site of an Italian artist. Abstract and figurative works on paper and on canvas.
Perdue, Justin - Justin Perdue's paintings, mixed-media collages, and constructions are abstract, modernist works with figurative content.
Preverino, Francesco - Contemporary figurative oil paintings.
Rau, Petra - Online Art Gallery featuring colorful expressionst mixed-media paintings on plywood.
Reilly, Jack - Contemporary mixed media oainting, Los Angeles, CA.
Reilly, Jack - Jack Reilly Paintings
Reinelt, Helmut - n-code is a personal exhibition site for my artistic and photographic work. The content will change every 4-6 weeks.
Revell, Ian - Dedicated to the psychotropic, visionary art-work of revolution (aka Ian Revell), a mandala artist living in Toronto, Canada.
Reynolds, Jerry - Abstract Formalist, acrylics and mixed media work on assembled canvases with historical, literary and social references.
Robertson, Craig - Online art gallery of original contemporary paintings, drawings, nudes, portraits, digital art, photography and fine art e-cards from this visual artist from Canada.
Rocco, Ron - Sculpture, Installations, Media & Internet Projects, VRML, Public Projects and Exhibition calendar.
Rosner, Amy - Innovative expressionist mixed watermedia and collage paintings emphasizing natural themes. Prints, greeting cards, and hand-painted silks also available.
Rothenburger, Shelley - My works are based on a critique of man’s desire to be separate from animals and his need to dominate them. I’ve focused on our capacity for knowledge and the pursuit of it, as the definitive force that guarantees our isolation as a species.
Rowley, Justin Proj - Contemporary Urban Paintings by Justin Proj Rowley. His figure paintings depict the struggle and beauty of urban life, and details the character of inner-city people.
Russnak, Michael - architectural oil paintings, watercolors, ink & pencil drawings. works in realism, surrealism, and animation.
Rutter, Lynne - Large-scale interpretations of masters paintings, original murals, and painted ornamentation are the specialty of Lynne Rutter, professional decorative artist in San Francisco.
Schiller, Rebekah - Hand-colored and collaged polaroid images.
Schmid, Reinhard - A sensual combination of surreal images and a rare style: pencil and a unique mixed media technique on the reverse side of glass!
Schneider, Luana - You may view my artwork and purchase at my sister site. From acrylics to sculptural to tile and more.
Schoonover, Laura - View current mixed media works of sculpture, wall hangings and wearable art.
Scott, Don - Original fine art photography of artist Don Scott
Sellers, Dzmond - Unique figurative and portrait art illustrations and digital paintings. New age musical production and compostions.
Senol, Canan - Contemporary art from Turkish artist Canan Senol.
Shami, Salma - My abstracts are organic, tactile and reflective; they express fleeting moments of nature's power and fragility, using two-dimensional media and modeling pastes, with acrylic paints
Shephard, Regis - An orgy of post modernism dripping with nappy idealism. Art about now.
Sheridan, Tai - Abstract and imaginal paintings expressing beauty and transcendent mystery. Expressive art influenced by Motherwell, Avery, Dubuffet. Tai interweaves simple and complex, the mundane and mysterious.
Shertz, Max - Master of fine art,creator in multiple mediums,painter,writer art instructor.his creations are in permanent collection of many museums and private collectors.
slavchev, Iliyan - A sea of fantasy . And plenty of pleasure. From undefined up to the infinity.A sparcling reality or something else....
Smilen, Steve - I create utilitarian art. My pallette is colored paper. My canvas- panels of wood on which I create collage compositions of the Masters on screens.
Snell, Herman - My four-sided abstract art is designed to turn 360 degrees using battery operated "lazy susans", revealing a seperate view for each of the four sides.
Solounias, Aristotle - Aristotle Solounias is a contemporary master of fine art, working both in painting and sculpture. He lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Sparla, Jeroen - L'Art-Ist is the virtual art gallery of three Dutch painters: Elra Heus, Jeroen Sparla and Wim Sparla.
Sprouse, Michael - Already established as "one of the Mid-Atlantic's most important young artists", painter, Michael Sprouse has now burst onto the national scene with the release of spectacular prints of through the fine art publishing company of Ariel Of France.
Stine, Jon M. - Contemporary paintings, mixed media drawings, sculptures, and prints by Indiana artist Jon M. Stine.
Storie, James - working from photographic originals James creates large scale mixed-media originals assembled from small fragments of the original prints. James also does conceptual paintings.
Storti Gajani, Cristina - Cristina Storti Gajani: Stories by Pictures An Artwork Portfolio: Illustrations, Photographs, Paintings and more
Sturgill, Lori - Mixed media painting and collage.
Szabo, Endre - Vintage Limited Lithographs and New Giclees from the Late Master Painter Endre Szabo. Western Character Portraits, Poker Players, Cowboy, Native American Portraits, Pirate, John Wayne.
Tal, Kali - Unusual mixed-media with American and African roots. Collage, assemblage, and mosaic comprise postmodern primitive works made of circuit boards, skulls, furniture, traditional materials.
The Budgie, Betty - Hear audio poetry by the worlds first parrot poet.
Tompkins, Kyle - Fine Art and Fine Sounds!
Ull, David - illustrations paintings some flash animation mostly pen and ink drawings mixed with oil etc. issues with american history war politics
van der Grijn, Erik Adriaan - Abstract Expressionism and conceptual art by Erik Adriaan van der Grijn. Installations, exhibitions, and images can be found here.
VanderHoeven, Nakisha - Nakisha's Portfolio showcases unique oil paintings, drawings and sculpture by the Seattle based artist who is the guitarist for the band Vertebrae.
VanderHoeven, Nakisha - Fine art, sculpture and paintings with animal themes, comix, poetry and music.
Vermeer, Peggy - Expressive Mix Media incorporating Hand Made papers, collage and transfers in rich irridencent colors.
von Zahn, Irena - Includes landscapes, still lifes, mixed media, and abstracts in pastel, pencil, water color, tempura and oil crayon.
Walker, Robin Ann - Explore the visual feast of contemporary original art by Texas artist Robin Ann Walker. Galleries include abstract expressions, impressionistic landscapes, mixed media collages, and still life vignettes. Special gallery showcases hotel installations.
walshe, patrick - Reminiscenses on time place and emotion through the medium of landscape painting.
Weidner, TC - Art that deals with Reality and Perspective.
Wieser, Gerhard - Virtual galleries /design-painting-graphics-posters.../& art projects by MW...manuela&wiesl - Austria
Wight, Deb - Original mosaic art from fine art gallery pieces to architectural and public mosaics.
Woodworth, Katharina - Mystical watercolors deeply rooted in mythology, archetypes, and the divine feminine. Mythical fish, dragons, mermaids, and goddesses are done in a colorful, luminous, fluid, asiatic, and textural style.
Wray, Jeannie - Stained glass mosaic art.
Wrentmore, Mairyann - I depict the stories of mytic gods and goddesses. My art work is a combination of sculpture and collage.
Yang, Susie - What I am trying to achieve in fashion illustration is to bring out the exoticism hidden in every human being to manifest our romance with fashion. Fashion illustrations, graphic design, and digital art by Susie Yang. Yang. Note: All materials on this site are copyrighted.
Young, Ilene - Mixed-media and watercolor paintings by New Hope artist Ilene Young, with narrative and ecological themes, incorporating vintage & organic materials.
Young, Jennifer - Art gallery of oil paintings and art prints for sale via secure online shopping; figurative, still life, and landscapes. Jennifer Young's singular vision through oil paintings,vivid with color and expressive imagery.
Zajac, Magdalena - My overall concern is to play with images and to divert thus different modes of representation from the strait and narrow, using various subversive strategies.
amelinckx, andrew - The site includes both my art—paintings, photographs, installations,etc., as well as writings.
Baxter, Stephen - An eclectic selection of contemporary australian paintings , prints , & ceramics.
Borten, Ayala - Ayala Borten is an Israeli-born artist whose works vary from political and religious connotations to light and soulful depictions. She works in oil, acrylics, watercolors, and multi-media.
Boston, Teresa - I work primarily in watermedia, primarily watercolor, because I love it's capacity for spontaneous effects. It pushes me to be more creative.
Brady, Trish - Freelance Artist Trish Brady utilizes her art skills servicing the creative are needs for residential and commercial business. Versitile in various subjects and mediums.
Capone, Carlo - Artista Normanno
Cochran, Diana - Pastel artwork specializing in horses and animals. Commissions accepted.
Collard, Andrew - 2B1 is an independent self funded artist run studio space. Artists: Andrew Collard Fleur Patrick Daniel Rapley Chris Waite Henry Ward
De Battista, Stefan - Welcome to Stiefnu on line Portfolio. Works in ceramics, & paintings.
Dixon, Alan - NEW Artwork by North East England based Artist Alan Dixon. Working in a variety of media including Watercolour, Pastel, oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media.
Duquenne, Jacob - Unique paintings by self-taught artist Jacob Duquenne. Bloomington, Illinois
Force, Janeth - Realistic Graphite and Charcoal Portraits
G Larsson, Dan - Professional illustrator & Graphic designer (International freelance) Specializing in children's book illustrations, editorial cartoons. Available for internet and advertising related projects. Freehand or web art.
Green, Thom - Muralist Thom Green shows how murals introduce a focal point to any room. All murals are designed to harmonize with your architecture and nvironment. Twenty years experience mural painting, decorative painting and faux finishing.
Greenwald, Martha - Martha Greenwald uses acrylic color, bas relief and collage in expressionist and surrealist styles to explore human stories, myths and fantasies about animalsh
Harrichhausen-Lukas, Marion - I'm a self-educated person
Ilic, Jasmina - Official website of Professional Artist Jasmina Ilic with image galleries of her works, biography, list of the exhibitions and impressum.
Jonsson, Johan - Junk art sculpture in metal & mixed media. Raw outsider art by sculptor J Jonsson.
Judy, Mary - All one-of-a-kind original art in several mediums with tons of color and fun... ceramic vessels, lizards, bowls and much more.
Karlsson, Daniel - Provocative art made of magazines and newspapers scrapbooked on canvas.
Kitsch, Joe - Conceptually-oriented pop art in a wide variety of media by Joe Kitsch.
Kostliva, Jarmila - Finding provocative inspiration in Carl Gustav Jung's meditations on symbols of the collective human psyche, Jarmila Kostliva's Paintings explore realms of emerging subjectivity in varying states of visual conception.
Krantz, Jennifer - My recent work, "opulent indulgences", was inspired by antique crystal chandeliers.
Lancaster, Howard - nudes, digitally enhanced, paintings, erotica (non pornographic), not suitable for children,primal colors - surreal representations - currently exhibited in Ensenada, Mexico
Majors, Lou - Bold explosive abstract art of Lou Majors.
Mandus, Cheryl - Realist and surrealist paintings and drawings of a narrative and symbolic nature, with a strong focus on human sensuality. Spiffy stuff.
Mayacoa, E - the poetic nature of Mayacoa’s work that embraces Mythological themes summon hints of classicism and symbolism, while alluring colors and textures have lives of their own.
Miller, Glendell - Framed art prints, paintings, and more.
Mohr, Jack N. - Abstract work in acrylics and mixed media, sculpture, collage and print.
Mora, Raul - Welcome to Raul Mora's home on the web!!! You will find samples of his oil paintings and mixed media work. Colorful work that will take your breath away. Some of his works are available to buy if you contact Raul.
Muir, Paul - Scottish artist producing female portraits, abstract, landscapes, celtic manuscript pages using oils, pen and ink, photography and pen and ink.
Noguera, William - Independent San Francisco-based art agency representing provocative works of Death Row visionary William Noguera & Bulgarian Master Painter Nikolai Atanassov
Parsons, Adam - and are sites for displaying the works and ideas of Adam Parsons. Feedback welcomed.
Pettit-Almasude, JoAnna - Works by JoAnna Almasude. Faculty at The Art Institute of Pittsburg, Online Division.
Phelan, Michele-lee - Goddess, tarot and elemental artworks created by pagan artist, Michele-lee Phelan. For original artworks, prints, and personal commissions. The Magick begins with Her.
Ponyatovskaya, Anastasia Ponyatovskaya - batik oil and watercolours paintings, portrets, nudes, illustration,bas-reliefs on wall, interior decorations for sale or order. Delivering worldwide
Reeves, Jeremiah - Artwork of Jeremiah Reeves, a New York City artist. Attended Pratt Institute. Paintings, prints, poetry, performances, photography, drawings, sculpture, video, sounds.
Rinaldi, Alessandro - Official website of Italian Painter Alessandro Rinaldi;Gallery,Utility and resources for Artist.
Rochon, Louie - F A N T A S T I C A L, Eccentrically Imaginative, Vibrantly Colored, Larger than Life, Fine Art Papier Mache Sculpture by Louie Rochon.
Rodriguez, Carlos - Shamanistic expressive artwork. Extrasensorial visionary mystical paintings, sculptures and writings. Ten galleries with beautiful visions of artistic spiritual voyages through the universe.
Rubin, Dalia - A colorful celebration of abstracted landscapes, figures, celestial scenes and still life with the unique use of metallic colors (oil, acrylic), patterns and textures (mixed media).
Schwartz, Jay - Acrylic and mixed-media paintings that have been described as 'uplifting, inspiring work like none other' and 'wonderfully unique modern expressions of whimsy'.
Skuratowicz Jakubiec, Barbara - The official site of the artist and interior designer Barbara Skuratowicz Jakubiec
Trout, Don - Website consists of an artists statement, bio, and galleries of paintings in watercolor, oil, acrylic, and mixed media with rice paper collage.
Vallina, Amador - The Spanish artist presents abstract paintings of different techniques and sculptures of wood, steel and paper. He works in Germany and sometimes at Majorca (Balearic Islands/Spain).

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