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Anderson, Meghan Kate - An artist who began painting in the course of self-discovery, Meghan, encompasses as subjects her relationships, environment, and expresses them holistically in the colors through which she sees life. Featured!
Allen, Tommy - Tommy Allen's Polaroid work has been exhibited in New York's Soho gallery district three times during 1998-99. All works are handprinted by artist.
Berkule, Erik - Inks and oil pastels inspired by music, sex and human nature.
Buriani, Diego - Diego Buriani's painting and oils.
Haro, John - Original Abstract work by John Haro.
Ivan, Gary - Presenting the Expressionist art of Gary Ivan. Calling himself a "Zen Cubist", the foundation of Ivan's work is a spontaneous and spirited line powered by the creative force the Chinese call "Chi", together with elements of Primitivism.
Jacobsen, Michael - Drawings on homemade paper with ink, crayon, pastel, watercolor.
McLarty, Beverly - albums of some of my work
McLeod, Christian - Christian McLeod, Toronto visual artist, Particle paintings, Oil Paintings, Urban Scapes and pieces dealing with the language of TCP/IP. Works on Canvas from Ibiza and Barcelona, Spain to Montreal and Toronto Canada.
Meyer, Mare - Neo Expressionist artwork by Mare Meyer in oil and acrylic mediums.
Roggiero, Geraldine - Realistic wildlife art in predominately colored pencil.
Theophilus, Sarah - Capturing the beauty & spirit of dogs, cats & horses in lifelike oil pastel pet portraits. Art prints, e-cards, wallpapers, painting tips & more are also offered.
von Zahn, Irena - Includes landscapes, still lifes, mixed media, and abstracts in pastel, pencil, water color, tempura and oil crayon.
Zikkenheimer, Liesbet - Visit the studio and house of Liesbet, full of paintings en photographs. Every room has its own secret.
Adijes, Odette - I am French painter, living near to Paris. My paintings are acrylic and inspired by Dali, Klimt, Picasso, Monet and Chagall (but I don't copy them). I love colors and use lots of layers...
Bruns, Sitara - Art & Poetry - Paintings, Drawings, Photo Art, Posters a.m.m. - Sale. I take in personal requests fore paintings, have a look at my website, fore more details.
Montague, Christine - Original realistic representational oil paintings realistic figurative landscape oil paintings & portrait oil paintings by Canadian artist Christine Montague. Portraiture commission are accepted.Original art for sale. Williams Mill artist studio.

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