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Andrews, Craig - Limited edition Artists' Books which are handmade and handlettered by Sydney artists - The Lettersmith.
Bateson, Soo - Soo's site features painting ,sculptures, ceramics, hand papermaking,encaustic wax painting and many other innovative art practices. Paypal available.
Beltrame, Alessandro - Pictures, images, and other alchemies in the works of Alessandro Beltrame.
Bjork, Carlton - This is the home of Carlton Bjork Artwork, Fine Art and Woodcuts. Carlton is a world wide recognized artist, from many childrens magazines to being published in books and a newspaper.
Bowman, Edward - A series of photographic projects digitally enhanced accompanied by essays.
Coenjaerts, Patricia - Categories: Hyper realism. Doctor in Art, Patricia Coenjaerts draws and paints portraits of Humans /Animals. Offers complete course on Art of drawing:prof. video/VHS - book. Shows paintings/oils. Designs Jewelry. Subscribe to art-course.(free)
Dajnak, Mania - Prints and Poetry
Malkin, Philip - Photographic journal.
Martinez, Soraida - VERDADISM:Paintings Juxtaposed with Written Social Commentaries Since 1992. Created by Puerto Rican, Latina artist, Soraida Martinez. All paintings and commentaries are based on Soraida's personal life experiences on American society.
Parker, Sarah - An artists exploration of the changing definition of the self as it passes through time. Includes drawings, animation, mixed-media, bookworks, thoughts and references.
Reynolds, Patric - The Red Army Studio features an expressionistic take on figure illustrations, graphic novels and children's books, and political/editorial illustrations
Storti Gajani, Cristina - Cristina Storti Gajani: Stories by Pictures An Artwork Portfolio: Illustrations, Photographs, Paintings and more
Wankewycz, Ginger - Original linoleum block prints and origami creations by Cleveland Artist Ginger Wankewycz.
Jegen, Els - To move and to be moved from pictures, design, sculptur, audiovisuell, multimedia, writing, movement, PowerPoint Presentations, literatur, poetry, lyricism,
Maulucci, Anthony - Sensuous nudes and soulful portraits, mystical landscapes, still life, fiction and poetry by this Italian American author and artist from New England now living in Mexico.

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