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., Carlitos - Carlitos' digital paintings; a courtship between id and super-ego, a place where insects dream of being angels and angels wish there were insects... and I in the middle.
Altschiller, Ira - Many images of of recent and past paintings, a featured painting, art links, background info, interview, digital catalog and photos available.
Bibeau, Mike - specializing in custom bone art creating unusual and yet unique bone sculptures.and bone motorcycles
Black, Randa - Enchanting fairy artwork featuring 'petal painting'by Randa Black.Each fairy is made completely out of real flowers.
Braithwaite, T. R. - Extensive online gallery of drawings and paintings by T, R. Braithwaite (1902-1964)
Brown, Janet - Hand made, one of a kind, Native American Spirit Mask
Brown, Jeff - Contemporary wheel thrown and hand built stoneware and porcelain. My pottery is wood fired, and ash glazed, altered, and textured with geometric designs.
Carroll, Kathy - Custom hand-painted ceramic tile murals for residential, commercial; or marine use. Tropical murals, seascapes, lighthouses, landscapes, palms trees, and marinelife.
Catlin, Elsbeth - Website created to promote the work of unknown artists and authors.
Cologon, Ray - Cologon utilises precious and exotic woods to create exquisitely detailed turned and carved wood art. His work is evocative and timeless and explores metaphysical themes.
Cornelia, Jerry David - Featuring the diverse work of Jerry David Cornelia, including paintings, sculpture and functional works, tied with a common thread of vivid color and pattern.
Coverdale, Tami - Real exotic bird feather flower arrangements I use molted bird feathers to create my arrangements
dela Cruz, Mario - Mario is a Fine-Art painter and sculptuoe
Dowden-Crockett, Debra - In today's world of mass production and commoditization, original handcrafted works of art are becoming rare. Handcrafted glass art and jewelry offer an opportunity to own and display truly unique works of art.
Dowling, Janet - Fine fantasy sculpture of an exotic and fantastic nature. Figures range from mermaids to shapeshifters, faye and primordials.
Duda, Sue - Music, Outdoor Recreation, Ocean and Freshwater Fish, Tropical and Nature batiks on silk. Originals, prints, apparel and gifts by artist Sue Duda!
Elliott, Lynda - Digital Artistry and Photographic Vision Digital photographs that stand alone and digital photographs manipulated into vibrant absrtacts and unique composites.
Gams, Michael - As an artist, I have a desire to incorporate fine art into everyday experiences. I specialize in handcrafted lighting, artistic furniture, and sculpture.
Garner, Karen - Cybergallery of Karen Burnette Garner, recognized contemporary impressionist artist. Atlanta, Georgia. USA
Gross, Ronald - Ron Gross, An abstract artist for 21st Century with the heart of a Renaissance man.
Grove, Jodi - We specialize in decorative silk floral and holiday wreaths. Let one of our wreaths put a smile on your face!
Hirsh, Gene - The Fine Art of Gene Hirsh - a synergy of traditional and digital painting forming a new medium called Virtual Watercolor.
Hoedl, Gert - Ice art, design, and sculpture by artist J. Gert Hoedl. The artist also creates oil paintings, styrofoam carvings, stage decorations, and light art.
Irberseder, H. Peter - Irberseder is a German painter, in the tradition of BLAUE REITER (blue riders) with oil paintings for the soul.
Jansen, Michael - Fine art Intermedia Research Music - activities since 1969
Johnston, Mary L. - Handmade jewelry by Mary L. Johnston, featuring sterling silver, gemstones, pearls, and glass beads.
KNIGHT, TJADER - Two new young artist toying with new media art,flash animations,exhibitions.,soundscapes,scapes,virtual,virtual scapes,virtual gallary.
Leavitt, Fred - Fine art b/w photography of the Wetlands and urban environment. Color digital photographic art of animals and the Seven Days of Creation.
Manon, - Foto-Performance / Environements-Installations
Mavlo, Valeriy - As an artist from Boston, MA, Valeriy Mavlo works within the contemporary spectrum including classical, impressionist and other techniques.
McGory, Mac - Original and unusual art work made with real butterflies.
Miller, Justin - DragonFog Designs offers artwork featuring dragons and other creatures, mythical and those never before seen by human eyes. Updated regularly as new pieces are completed.
Paxton-Hill, Kathryn - Muralist and commission works. Studies of wildlife,plants, animals, birds, butterfilies, etc. Also an interest in painting figurative works and portaits.
Perry, Mary - Customized murals and wall effects by artist Mary Perry.
Rinchen-Wongmo, Leslie - Pieced thangkas. Hand-stitched mosaics of silk by a contemporary textile artist working in a sacred Tibetan tradition. Gallery, history, and process. Works on comission.
romeo, maria - Decorative Art. Decor Collection
Sadoyama, Kimie - Giclees, art prints and cards by Kauai artist Kimie Sadoyama. Unique paintings. Visit Kimie's gallery and enjoy the island vibration of her art work.
Schiller, Rebekah - Hand-colored and collaged polaroid images.
Traylor, Lynn - Avian, Floral, Marine and Landscape framed art Batiks. Featuring intense detail and strong colors yet remaining true to the original, ancient art form.
Valdez, Ray - This site is dedicated to showcasing beautiful, unique and quality furniture by artist Ray Valdez. He utilizes many amazing exotic species from around the world.
Vincent, Miranda - This site is an exhibition of my paintings, etchings, animations and cartoons.
Waldman, Melanie - It Figures polymer clay figures and cake toppers are custom-created and hand-sculpted, each one-of-a-kind piece created from clients' photos. Particular people, pets, vehicles -- almost anything is possible! These are completely personalized works of art meant to last a lifetime.
Ward, Eric - Custom airbrushed murals as well as helmets, motorcycles, and cars.
Whitemore, Drew - Drillworks by Drew Whitemore, illuminated wall panels and Ostrich eggs. The unique art of drilling.
Whyte, Steven - Whyte’s career encompasses the majesty of monuments, the expressive elegance of gallery bronzes editions and the refined detail of bronze portrait sculpture.
Zaits, Lusia - Artist,contemporary handcrafted beadwork, decorative art objects, beaded jewelry and clothes
Ghazala, Mohamed - teacher in fine arts faculty in minia university.EGYPT
Hagström, Ulf - With the same techniques as for regular fishing flies we create extremly realistic imitations of insects and other small animals.
Kitsch, Joe - Conceptually-oriented pop art in a wide variety of media by Joe Kitsch.
Mata, Salvador - Sea scape water colour paintings including originals, best quality prints and canvas. Boats, harbours, beaches, lighthouses and more
Meissner, EJ - Frigginwater - Collectible bottled water art by artist EJ Meissner, creator of 2 of the World's smallest violins. Topical, humorous, bizarre, unique.
Nobile, Francesca - Original and contemporary acrylic and glue paintings by Francesca Nobile.
Pirich, Kristin - "Custom portraits crafted from your ideas." Get a custom portrait designed right from your favorite photographs. Original abstract and wildlife artwork is also available.
Rial, Felix - Untitled (D'ya Think I'm Sexy?) - 2005 The latest piece from the prolific artist Felix Rial (1972, Montevideo, Uruguay) and the continuation of a body of work exploring the objectification of the male body.

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