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Akimoto, Kazuya - All the themes that could be those of painting are embodied, in a variety of styles like cubism, abstract, expressionism, symbolism, surrealism, etc.
Allen, Brady - Urban paintings, photography, drawings, and designs. Discovering a personal vision of the city past, present, and future, and an individuals reaction to it.
Andrus, Paul - Original art by Paul Andrus, paintings and drawings, gicleé prints, divided into three categories: European landscapes, Pets & People, U.S. landscapes, cityscapes, farms, animals, country roads.
Arnold, Lucy - Intensely colorful watercolor, pastel, mixed media paintings in many styles from abstract to realistic. Prints, beaded jewelry, fantasy miniature shoes also available.
Athouguia, Luis - Portuguese Contemporary Art – Post surreal abstraction.

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