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Cactus, Rose - southwest art, landscapes, water falls, mountains , leather mardi gras masks, christmas ornaments, clay work, abstracts, bold color, buildings, trees, rocks, anasazi, cliff dwellings. Featured!
Allingham, Robert - A professional scientific illustration service. Specializing in archaeology, palaeontology, astronomy and zoology illustrations.
Barber, Claudia - As a child, I drew with burnt out matches. Now I use colored pencils to express my feelings about life.
Behr, Mary - Mary Behr has produced very colorful and bright oil paintings as well as funny fairy tail pictures.
Best Pearson, Christie - Christie Best Pearson is a rural Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canadian artist specializing in watercolours, pen & ink, graphite & colored pencil drawings.
Bisbee, Chuck - Affordable original art done right in our studio. Custom art also available for the home or office.
Bogle, Collin - The official website of Collin Bogle including realistic wildlife, floral and people prints, originals and commissions.
Brende, Shannon - I work in mostly pencil and colored pencil, but I have also started experimenting with my pc. I draw what ever comes to mind.
Cardinal, Karen - Realistic portrait and fantasy artwork in color pencil from an emerging artist who designs her own logos.
Chironna, Ronald - Artist available to do editorial, book, magazine, portrait, science fiction, fantasy, gaming and other kinds of illustration.
Dallas, Linda - Delectable watercolors and drawings of food.
Davidson, Sherri - Custom artwork done from your photos or photographs. Examples include equine, pets, home, landscapes, farm, buildings, and any range of subjects. subject. Also offered is finished art, notecards, etc.
deluca, elena - If you have a favorite photo of someone or something I can do a photorealistic sketch of it.
Dodds, Peter - A collection of pastel paintings of mainly landscapes by the English artist Peter Dodds. Contact the artist from his site.
Duncan, Donna - Original Art works of Donna Duncan. Illustrations for CDs, book covers, pages, posters, and greeting cards.
Earlam, Mark - Art Work by Mark Earlam, drawings of people, tigers, panthers and much more. Commissions, links and free graphics for your website.
Ellis, Christine - San Francisco Bay Area artist creates figurative and abstract art using mixed media on paper using a selection of both neutral and vibrant colors.
fedorov, maxim - Art gallery Maxim Fedorov
Feldmansky, Marianna - The Ultimate Experience in Art by Marianna Feldmansky.
Feldsott, Se-Won - Filled with gorgeous pencil portraits of celebrities, friends, customers, and pets. Order a commission for a very low price or just take a look around!
Fraser, Hannah - Divinely inspired fantasy illustrations by Hannah Fraser. Gorgeous goddess', nature nymphs, mesmerising mermaids, funky faeries, tarot designs, spirit art, cyber girls... a truly tantilizing experience of the senses!
Freeman, Jane - I am a published watercolorist working mostly in floral and still life where I concentrate on capturing light and reflections.
Garcia, Janet - Original art by Janet Garcia which include Traditional Fine Arts and Digital Fine Arts.
Georgiades, Alexandria - Drawn and photographed expressions in the sheer beauty and sensual language of the human body.
Gorene, Marie-Suzanne - Full of colors in a figurative expressionnism style. Paintings & drawings by GOREN, artist in Arles, France;
Gylling, Gemma - Within this site you will find Art done in Colored Pencils, Dog Art and Dog Portraits (Specializing in Rottweilers), Oil Paintings and Stained Glass Windows.
Henderson, Don - Celtic Art in Colored Pencil by Don Henderson.
Hida, Keiko - This is a site to show my works of black and white photos of cats. And illustration works mainly created with color pencils and pastel colors.
Houde, Marc - Wildlife and western art including wolves, moose, bear. Also cowboy and rodeo themed art. Prints, cards, tshirts, commission art
Hudson, John - Famous Adirondack Artist John Hudson's original oil paintings of Adirondack Mountain landscapes and people in Upstate NY
Janson, Bob - Original art by cape cod artist Bob Janson.Pencil drawings , oil paintings and computer effects art.
Jenkinson, Mark - Artwork that tends to have an atmospheric quality of light, produced using watercolour, photographic manipulation and coloured pencil, subjects include,portraits and stillife.
Katt, Laura - A collection of my artwork from the world that exists in my head, Arathreel.
La Follette, Yvette - Portraits - the ultimate heirloom that enables you to pay a lasting tribute. View on-line gallery/portfolio and commission Yvette to create an heirloom for you.
Lyon, Bruce - A gallery of surreal drawings created by Bruce Lyon. The surreal theme is that of trees.
McOmber, Laura - Watercolor and colored pencil artwork. Unique doodle pictures done in mixed media.
Melton, Dennis - The Sarabande Portfolio is a showcase for professional illustrator Sarabande featuring 150 thumbnailed samples and several works for sale from the site.
Nankervis, Melissa - Commission Portraits from a HR image *All ages *Celebrities *Animals/wildlife *Gift certificates *Gallery purchase Professional portraits make a unique gift or something for yourself!
Parsons, Karen - Specializing in pet portraits from photos in soft pastels, watercolors, colored pencil and acrylic. Painting dogs, cats, birds and horses
Peebles, Nicole - Fine art interpretations of a spiritual journey to the Promised Land. (Read the artist's statement... it's funny!)
Phoenix, Liza - Surreal style fantasy art with a psychedelic twist. Mermaids, fairies, liquor labels...
Powell, Victor - We offer amazing Unique oil paintings in a poster, print, or postcards, now Celebrating Twenty Seven years as a professional Artist and Illustrator. Pencil Portraits by Victor.
Rodzinski, Jackie - Illustration in ink and colored pencil creating cityscapes, portraits, and countryside landscapes.
Rohner, Angela - A gallery of prismacolor and acrylic portraits created by Angela Rohner.
Schaefers, Julia - Abstract expressionism from Dutch artist Julia Schaefers, using different styles. Colorful paintings and drawings in acrylic, pastel and colored pencil. Animation of the origin of paintings.
Schmitz, Andy - A fine gallery of surreal paintings and an interesting link-collection in general.
Schneider, Douglas - Realistic food and botanical watercolor illustrations for packaging and advertising.
Sedgeman, Luke - Digital illustration (Flash/Photoshop), traditional illustration, design, character sketches, comic strips, game art and doodles of every kind.
Shea, Danny - A collection of original drawings done in colored pencils and ink in various categories
Simic, Layla - My art is Liberating, fun, freeing, colorful and sometimes mesmerizing!
Slavinskaya, Tatyana - Personal website for original author. Represented unique artworks with ink,watercolor and pencil.
van Amerongen, Anton - Colour- and fanciful drawings and pastels on paper (A4/A3 format).
Verdun, Paula - Trompe l'oeil , Bürden , Paula Verdun Illusion paintings.
White, Darius - The artistic emotional color drawings of Darius White. Experiences, feelings NOT OF the world of prison in which he lives.
Yanase, Daisuke - A private web gallery exhibiting my colored pencil drawings of mostly atmospheric streets and landscapes.
bora, noni - A blog of anything under the sun topics. This is a venture of the author's passion. Hoping through this blog, he could reach and share his ideas miles and miles away.
Breyette, Michael - Michael Breyette's online studio showcases his original male nude art. Available for purchase are his originals as well as limited edition prints of his work featuring the athletic male nude form. There are also free e-Cards featuring his artwork.
Brooks, Yulia - original watercolor paintings of landscapes, floral, fantasy images, pictures for children and nude drawings
Clifton, Sandy - Paintings drawings photography of wildlife and landscapes. Greeting cards and generated art.

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