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Bunnetât, Age - Highly individual sculptures, weathervanes, candlesticks and fountains direct from the artist. Commissions welcomed.
Condell, Scott - This beautifully comprise site displays more than 100 of well known New York Artist, Scott Condell's Fine Arts oil paintings and stone and bronze. sculptures
Gams, Michael - As an artist, I have a desire to incorporate fine art into everyday experiences. I specialize in handcrafted lighting, artistic furniture, and sculpture.
Hinds, Rene - Found Object Sculpture, both whimsical and functional, that depicts living presences through the use of debris from American culture.
Pendergrass, J.P. (Jeff) - Sculptures in Steel, Copper, Brass and Stone. The "Man's Nature" Series depicts the Greed, Pride and Ignorance evident in man's treatment of the Environment.
Stocard, Lionel - Paintings and sculptures of dream and fantasy. Musical instruments and furnitures (English, French, Italian).
North, Dug - Contemporary automata handmade with wood and metal. These quirky devices feature off-beat themes, animated figures, and ingenious mechanisms.
Ray, C. - C. Ray of Fused Metal Art creates beautifully intricate tree wall hangers in copper and brass with a completely unique foliage technique.
Smoak, Thomas - Thomas Smoak creates works of Lowcountry Art cut from steel.

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