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Bordoni, Liliana - Liliana Bordoni, sculptor,lives and works at Rome. Her figurative style includes nudes, masks and heads classical and modern (glazed baked clays and bronzes) Featured!
Borum, Patricia - Equestrian sculpture. Horse statues and fountains in bronze resin and fiberglass. Monumental Life size outdoor and portrait sculpture. All equine art Featured!
Fields, Chester - Chester Field is world renowned for his magnificent bronze eagle statues and wildlife paintings. Please visit his online fine art gallery. Featured!
Mahan, Tom - I am challenged by one of nature`s most complex and beautiful forms - the human body . Featured!
Shisler, Renee' - Limited edition bronze sculptures Featured!
Bell, Larry - Larry Bell, a Taos, New Mexico contemporary artist, investigates improbable relationships of surface and form through glass and bronze or on canvas and paper.
Blome, Erik - bronze figurative sculpture from small to monumental
Brady, TC - Minnesota Wildlife artist TC Brady presents his original paintings and his casted bronze sculptures.
Bunnetât, Age - Highly individual sculptures, weathervanes, candlesticks and fountains direct from the artist. Commissions welcomed.
Cameron, Clarence - Original, one-of-a-kind sculptures of owls in soapstone, bronze, copper, and pewter
Campbell, Hugh - Texas artist paints pastel/oil landscapes, art prints, and casts bronzes of The West and The Holy Land/Middle-East.
Child Wilds, Leilani - Creativity, flexibility and a focus on details results in distinctive prints, paintings and sculpture that is enjoyed by viewers from coast to coast.
Chope, Ed - Sculptor in several mediums including bronze, plaster, clay, and wood. Pastels including black & whites, aerosol painter, mold maker for the arts, and pencil drawings.
Chope, Ed - I have been an artist for 30 years in sculpture, painting, and pastels. I am currently accepting commissions for original artwork and molds.
Cimarelli, Dionisio - Figurative realistic italian sculptor makes nude figures and portraits,in carrara marble,bronze,wood,stone,ceramic.With international experience.
Clark, Claude - Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artist. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience.
Comstock, Chester - This is the Internet showcasw for bronze artist Chester Comstock known as "the Audubon of Bronze"
Corman, Bernard - Fantastic limited edition automotive bronzes by a contemporary master. Pop-surreal images as well as accurate studies of vintage concept cars from the fifties.
Curtis, Mike - Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture depicting a variety of wildlife, including the bald eagle, golden eagle, great blue heron, rainbow trout, snowy owl, polar bears, shorebirds, and more.
Curtis, Mike - The leading sculptor of the Bald Eagle. Limited edition bronze sculpture featuring a variety of wildlife. Ideal for personal collections, executive gifts and corporate presentations.
DeLavie, Devi - Original works and limited editions from the heart and mind of Devi Jaya DeLavie, a spiritual seeker who has skipped along the path to truth for some 30 years.
Dupuis, Francois - English / French. Etchings, paintings, and sculptures by François Dupuis, artist from Lyon, France.
Durham, Tom - sculpture and drawings that are both classical and surreal
Eland, Ric - Maine sculptor Ric Eland's unique interpretive wildlife art sculpture offers the beauty of the natural wood grains along with the essence of the subject.
Farrell, Michelle - Contemporary bronze figurative sculpture by Michelle Farrell explores the inner lines and energy of the human form and spirit. Simplicity of line and form are expressed within the body language of her sculptures
Fields, Mike - horse sculpture, horse statue, friesian horse, arabian horse, bronze, eagles, hawk, tigers, angels, religious, figures, figurative, nudes, traditional, wildlife, granite, realism, master
Focsa, Radu - Original Oil Paintings by the French artist Radu Focsa Oil paintings highlighting the beauty of the Luberon landscape and other scenes of the Province countryside. Original oil paintings, nude, landscapes, flowers, but also sculptures.
Glassborow, Stephen - London trained Australian Sculptor Stephen Glassborow exhibits a selection of his unique sculpture
Happach, Bozena - I intend to demonstrate the depth as well as the foibles of the human endeavor, along the journey of both physical and spiritual evolution.
Herring, Cecil - Florida Artist Cecil Herring shows "out of this world" space paintings, digital art, photography, ltd. ed. prints.
House, Larry - Limited edition bronze sculptures of the Native American/cowboy and their relationships with the horse.
Jenkins, Michael - Neomodernabstracrepresentationalsymbolicrealism is what I was once told that my work falls in. Acrylic painter with collaged foils. A true 21st century look.
Karat, Thomas - Artworks in glas and metal. From erotic bronze lingerie and sculptures to large gotic candelabras.
Kaufman, Elijah - Clay, bronze and aqua-resin figurative sculptures by Elijah Kaufman.
Kay, Andrew - combining nature and man made artifacts, expressing the interconnectivness of all things, these are the themes that inform my sculpture.
Kinart, Odile - Online showroom of this contemporary figurative Flemish sculptress, working in bronze.
Kriz, Milan - This is the Online Art Gallery and e-Catalog of czech venezuelan fine artist Milan Kriz.
Lapayese, Ramón - Website devoted to Spanish artist Ramón Lapayese (1928-1994). Oil on canvas, sculpture, prints, Bullfight scenes, Tauromaquia, Life-Sized Sculpture, etc. All texts in English and Spanish.
Leinow, Leonardo - Leonardo Leinow's website is an exquisite display of his visual mastery combining Sacred Spirit, sensual erotic, masculine-feminine and Angelic forms within the Heart space.
Maiers, Heidi - Portraits and figurative sculpture available by commission in clay or bronze. Based in Mesa, AZ.
Main, Terence - Terence Main's space on the web.
Marani, David Maria - David Maria Marani - Italian Sculptor - The end of the Millennium arrives with the title of "Femme" at the Lucertola Castle in Apricale (IM), where for two months Marani will expose, together with over fifty artists of international level, such as Folon, Sosno, Emanuele Luzzati, Andy Warhol, Arman, Cini and many others. Marani's works belong to important private collections in Italy and in other foreign countries.
Maxton, GarE - Contemporary metal sculpture offering more than just a pleasing appearance; these desktop works offer an intellectual challenge and a favorable weight, fit and feel.
McNeill, Denny - Denny McNeill-Sculptor In Wood will take you on a tour of my website featuring a body of work spanning styles such as figurative, representational, abstract, and western.
Meeker, Dean - Dean Meeker Studios presents a sample of his prints, sculpture, and stained glass, available directly from the artist at studio prices.
Moore, III, Richard A. - Richard's art combines the best of the Classical Era, with modern symbolism.
Myers, Christy - Specializing in figurative and portrait sculpture in bronze and terra cotta.
Orikasa, Tomoaki - Bronze sculpture and jewelry created by Tomoaki Orikasa. ORY ART STUDIO is open to commissioned work, such as public/private monumental sculpture, portrait, and custom made jewelry,
Pereznieto, Leonardo - Leonardo portrays excuisite figures which are full of passion, immagination and fancy.
Petringenaru, Runa - Byzantine Transylvanian outsider / folk art. Reversed painting on glass in mixed media: oil, acrylic, guache, gold & silver foil, walnut & garlic juice, fingerpaints & ink. Mythological beasts & icons in a primeval, vivid style.
Pincus, Adam - 3-D Politics is the work of Adam Pincus, who creates sculptural social commentary and souvenirs in a wide array of topics and prices.
Pogue, Ed - Cast metal sculpture, some drawings, and sculpture technical services.
Ramsby, Kathryn - Lyrical figure sculptures by Kathryn Ramsby capture emotive states in delicate forms. Original and limited editions available, commissions for fine art and portrait sculpture accepted.
Riley, Maureen - Sculptor who works in bronze and sterling silver. Focus is on nature, human and or otherwise. Inspired by sporting dogs, and country life. African wildlife is another passion of mine.
Ritt, Eloise - Works in clay, bronze, plaster, and natural materials.
Sappington, Lynda - Elegant equine art in bronze, cold-cast porcelain, etc. Also jewelry with an equine theme in gold and sterling silver.
Scheelings, Bob - Realistic Wildlife, Western, and Equine Sculptures by Bob Scheelings. Custom Portraits of your beloved equine or dog in bronze so they will forever remain at your side, just the way you remember them.
Schipperheyn, Peter - Australian Sculptor working in Carrara marble and in bronze, colossal figurative works
Solounias, Aristotle - Aristotle Solounias is a contemporary master of fine art, working both in painting and sculpture. He lives and works in Athens, Greece.
Spears, Stephen - Stephen's sculpture provides a glimpse into the soul of his subjects, and we see an honesty we might not of been aware of before.
St. Croix, Judie - I am probably best known for my Hawaiian Dancers and Tropical Gamefish. A self taught sculptor since 1977, I enjoy a busy schedule creating cast bronze pieces as well as welded copper and brass wall sculpture.
Tamir, Chaim - I am a sculptor and painter. My sculptures are figurative. They are done with innovative elements. My paintings are impressionistic, contemporary and minimalistic.
Taylor, James - Fine Art Classic Figurative Nudes - Sculpture in the round and Relief - In Bronze, Clay, Urythane, Bonded Sand, Cast Stone and Gypsum Products.
Towne, Maggie - Maggie Towne is a ceramic figurative sculptor and potter. Some of the work has been produced in bronze as well. also. She has been making art and teaching for close to 30 years.
Tsering, Penpa - Hand carved contemporary Tibetan sacred art, including altars and meditation tables.
Tyler, Mike - Mike's built a reputation for creating flowing images combining subject, with interactive environments. This often includes subtly hidden images, created with unique finishes, and detail.
Van Dansik, Cary - Bronze equine life size sculptures by Cary J. Van Dansik, with a focus on the Arabian Horse...
van den Heuvel, Carla - Carla van den Heuvel-Ruseler makes beautiful bronze sculptures & portraits you can see here online
vanDansik, Cary.J - van Dansik,s work is often reffered to as classic-precious-timeless
Vincent-Venter, Lorna - Wall mural sculptures, collectibles, religious sculptures, paintings and home decor sculpted gift items: cats, pets, angels, frogs, horses and more. Architectural details and installations.
Vladescu, Stefan - Conceptual/Abstract Sculptures in Bronze
Vladescu, Stefan - Abstract and conceptual sculptures done primarily in bronze and steel.
Weingaertner, David - Bronze and steel sculptures with a timeless feel along with custom designs.
Whyte, Steven - Whyte’s career encompasses the majesty of monuments, the expressive elegance of gallery bronzes editions and the refined detail of bronze portrait sculpture.
Wilson, Walter - Original and Commisioned art work. Pinting, drawing, scultpure & design. Professional artist. All works include documentation.
Wright, Deran - Fantasy, mythology, nudes, architectural
Yazzie, Larry - Award-winning Navajo Indian sculptor, Larry works in stone and bronze. Contemporary and traditional themes. Commissions and monumental works.
Acampora, Elisabetta - This site is dedicated to paintings and other works of art by the dutch expressive artist Elisabetta Acampora.
Alexandrovsky, Andrey - A gallery of contemporary oil paintings, works in tempera and pastel on paper, sculptures and medals in bronze, alabaster, and aluminum
bernard, kapfer - Kapfer's virtual gallery - bronzes - drawings - paintings
Blakr, Blake - Figurative contemporary representational sculpture in bronze and marble. Classical human form, portraiture, and mythological themes. Male and female realist nudes.Symbolic and political sculpture.
Eccleston, Peter - Specializes in Portraits, Nudes and Still Life, has exhibited at The Royal Academy and Cork Street, London with both his paintings and sculpture.
Eccleston, Peter - Artist Peter Eccleston, a painter and sculptor (mostly figurative) here you can see his work and read his articles on art and related issues.
Frédéric, Clerc-Renaud - bronze sculptures representing nude or dressed female in all kinds of attitudes expressing each a particular feeling matched by a new face for each sculpture
Garley, Garley - Fine art limited edition bronze sculptures that you will enjoy for a lifetime and your family will enjoy for generations.
Gregory, Bob - Nude Male Statues, Gay Art Erotic Statues, Homoerotic Nude Male Sculptures. At we offer Limited Edition, High Quality Lost-Wax Bronze Art Statues.
Grimes, Stephanie - Working in bronze, watercolor and other media, Stephanie Grimes uses her dreams, imagination and experiences to create her art. Her main focus is often nature.
Holtkamp, Hans - Hans Holtkamp, bronze portrait sculptor offers commissioned sculptures, portrait busts, cremation urns, headstone portrait urns and pet/animal statues and urns. The artist will travel for a sitting.
Jacques, Tenenhaus - Jacques Tenenhaus,french contemporary sculptor, invites to view his bronze sculptures, his exhibitions, and to contact him.
Koelpin, William - A special collection of limited edition prints and rare artist proofs assembled by internationally acclaimed artist, William J. Koelpin .
Owens, Brian - The work and life of Owens - sculptor, painter, portrait artist, writer. Located near Orlando, Florida.
Pereira da Silva, Manuel - Manuel Pereira da Silva is represented in public spaces, corporate collections and has received prominent public and private art commissions. The work is diverse; ranging from the abstract to the figurative, from formal to informal.
Pereira da Silva, Manuel - Manuel Pereira da Silva is represented in public spaces, corporate collections and has received prominent public and private art commissions.
Regat, Jaques & Mary - Alaskan artists Jacques and Mary Regat work in bronze sculpture, lithography, wood, and oils focusing on wildlife, native ledgendry and stylized people.
Rosinska, Beata - Bronze sculptures, murals and paintings by Beata Rosinska-Hilsberg

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