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Andrew, Samuel F. - Contemporary Equestrian Sculpture is the primary emphasis. All sculptures are hand-forged, welded steel. Pieces range in height from 6" to 14".
anush, ayelet - Experimental,glass design studio in Australia creating sculptural , architectural and functional glass objects, utilizing printing casting curving painting etc. in conjunction with other materials
anush, ayelet - Experimental design studio in Australia creating sculptura ,architectural and functional glass objects, utilizing printing casting curving painting etc. in conjunction with other materials
Byrnes, Julie - An Australian artist and sculptor working on Australian themes through contemporay art.
Davids, Miriam - A showcase for the photographic art of the young German artist Miriam Davids.
Kay, Andrew - combining nature and man made artifacts, expressing the interconnectivness of all things, these are the themes that inform my sculpture.
Kyte, Joe - We create steel framed sculptures of animals, mythical beasts, corporate logos and theme park whimsical figures.
Minton, Steven - Wood and steel sculptures.
owen, christopher - Kinetic "music boxes". Fine art jewelry. Solar and gas powered garden sculptures. Classic style landscapes in oil.
Pendergrass, J.P. (Jeff) - Sculptures in Steel, Copper, Brass and Stone. The "Man's Nature" Series depicts the Greed, Pride and Ignorance evident in man's treatment of the Environment.
Repass, Randolph - Northern Ireland's only Contemporary Hot glass Studio. Contemporary one off lighting and figurative, conceptual sculpture. Courses in Hot glass.
Scornavacca, Sal - Sal Scornavacca, selective variations of works in mixed media from the late 1980s to this present time.
Stocard, Lionel - Paintings and sculptures of dream and fantasy. Musical instruments and furnitures (English, French, Italian).
Stockhausen, Arnd F. - German Artist Arnd F. Stockhausen produces abstract and realistic representations of his world on a variety of industrial media including sheetmetal, plexiglass and resin
Turner, Jud - Online gallery of metal sculptures - figurative, animals, organic forms and abstractions by Jud Turner. Other visual delights.
Vickers, Marques - Benicia, California Figurative Sculptor and Abstract Expressionist Painter Marques Vickers creates Iconic Totems blending steel and wood inspired by Moore, Arp, Brancusi and Neri.
Weingaertner, David - Bronze and steel sculptures with a timeless feel along with custom designs.
Williams, Jeff (Obafemi) - Obafemi creates a wide variety of artistic projects utilizing wood and/or metal as a medium. He has produced wall reliefs, sculpture, carvings and furniture for over 35 years.
dunne, alan - Brut artist mingling in humour and emotions. The pallet used is the simple material of life. Objects disregarded by others are given a new leas of life by a simple breath of imagination
Lueck, Brady - Nationally recognized representational artist creating immaculately detailed noble themes using direct metal art for corporate, public and private collections.
Smoak, Thomas - Thomas Smoak creates works of Lowcountry Art cut from steel.

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