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Beeman, Mike - Mike's work is primarily figure and portrait studies of Native American dancers and other western genre in watercolor and pastels.
Bottyan, Katalin - My website contains an amount of my enamel paintings and graphics: they are about mystical nature, shamanism, mysteries of Mother Earth and other New Age.
Herring, Cecil - Florida Artist Cecil Herring shows "out of this world" space paintings, digital art, photography, ltd. ed. prints.
Heydlauff, Pat - Fine and decorative artwork, original creations signed by the artist. Home accessories, spiritual decor, Feng Shui, canvases and prints, astrological, and custom designs.
Hull, Jim - Features watercolor paintings of Golf Courses, Landscapes, Seascapes, and Spacescapes. View works in progress, read essays on creativity, post in the message board.
Jenkins, Michael - Neomodernabstracrepresentationalsymbolicrealism is what I was once told that my work falls in. Acrylic painter with collaged foils. A true 21st century look.
Knight, Nicholas - New York Artist creating minimal, color field paintings, handprinted monotypes and woodcuts. Based in philosophy, astronomy, perception.
Rossetti, Miga - Original Art Cards, Blank Journals, Postcards: Printed on recycled paper from handmade designs by Miga Rossetti - wedding, astrological, equinox, solstice, spring, summer, fall, winter.
Sienko, Catherine F. - Fine art photography and limited edition prints by artist Catherine F. Sienko.
Tarabella, Renato - Photographer, Astrophotographer, 3D artist. High resolutions images from the solar system. High resolution images of Marettimo taken with multi-shot on digital camera
Weidner, TC - Art that deals with Reality and Perspective.
Jensen, Justin - Sublime landscapes of the meeting of the heavens and the earth. A sacramental overtone to the work. Some figurative work with symbolic overtones.

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