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£ozicki, Mariusz - Web site of self-thaught painter from Poland.
Alamanos, Anastassios - Religious oil paintings
Barenberg, Carol - An online portfolio of work by the artist.
Cooney, Derek - New Irish artist Derek cooney has displayed his artwork on this new popular site combining spiritual and Irish influence
Dean, Hananiah - These works are realistic portrait drawings of african americans, realistic paintings along with abstract art that is a relection of the Holy Bible to lead people to Jesus Christ. PLEASE GO TO MY WEBSITE TO SEE MY GALLERY
England, Hilary J - Internationally collected contemporary american fine artist
Godecke, Karen - Online gallery of fiber art for the church created by artist Karen Godecke.
Hall, Robin - subversive/alternative christion icons. “Poking a stick into the belly of Jesus Christ.” Beautifully made and original wall hanging sculptures.
Herring, Cecil - Florida Artist Cecil Herring shows "out of this world" space paintings, digital art, photography, ltd. ed. prints.
Lewis, Barr - Mixed media works which are colorful and bold by artist Barr Lewis. An eclectic yet cohesive collection with works ranging from small original pieces at small prices to larger more intensive creations of intriquing content and style.
Lynch, Bryan - Fine-artist Bryan Lynch pursues both Landscape and Christian paintings. Original Oils, Iris-Giclee prints, Greeting Cards available.
Matar, Joseph - Home of the artist painter and poet Joseph Matar who invites the Lebanese artist to exhibit their works.
Matar, Joseph - Lebanon Visual Fine Art Gallery, original paintings of the Lebanese and French painter poet J. Matar. landscape oil painting, contemporary art, poster art, watercolors...
Myhill, Paul - Contemporary Christian paintings by Christian artist and minister, Paul Myhill. Modern expressions of traditional Christian symbols.
Obr, Vladimir - Pictures are created with unique technique of mixing classic painting, photos and computer art. Limited series of large size archival pigment prints. Exhibitions around all world.
Pavlov, Gennady - This is the home page of birch-bark fine art wood carving by Russian artist Gennady Pavlov.
Pollard, Herschel - Here is where you'll find a small sample of Pollard's paintings, drawings and sculptures, and more information about the artist.
Powell, Victor - We offer amazing Unique oil paintings in a poster, print, or postcards, now Celebrating Twenty Seven years as a professional Artist and Illustrator. Pencil Portraits by Victor.
Rhodes, Wiley - Contemporary Impressionist visually expressing the soul, life, freedom, and power of the human spirit and mind.
Schlosser, Taylor - Spiritual works based after the Judeo-Christian ethic. Limited-editions signed prints available to buy online here. Commission Taylor Schlosser to do a portrait or other custom work for you individually. Ask Taylor about technique.
Short, Rick - Rick Short is an artist located in orlando, Florida. Rick has been painting since he was 14 years old. His website can be found at
Sorensen, David - Experience more of God through this powerful christian art. Discover more of his love, power and glory. See how this art helps you live a happier and better life...
Soumakis, Christianna - Now unto the King, Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.
Thompson, William Thomas - This is the artwork of William Thomas Thompson and this page displays his many paintings and the reason behind them. is completely dedicated to showing the world his artwork which relays a spiritual message to anyone who views it.
Falk, Alan - Site features recent works based on biblical texts by this internationally recognized artist. Humanistic subject matter, landscapes and prints.
Rodriguez, Carlos - Shamanistic expressive artwork. Extrasensorial visionary mystical paintings, sculptures and writings. Ten galleries with beautiful visions of artistic spiritual voyages through the universe.

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