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Basyrov, Luka - Luka Basyrov. Painting, sketches, bodyart
Bryant, Jeff - A thumbnail gallery of art by Jeff Bryant with emphasis on wax and egg tempera.
Chope, Ed - I have been an artist for 30 years in sculpture, painting, and pastels. I am currently accepting commissions for original artwork and molds.
Cunningham, Joseph - Maximum Illustration best describes my work because I utilize all the tools available at my disposal including digital ones.
Drudwyn, Erik - Contemporary Pinups: Erotic Art and Nudes of Gothic and Fantasy subjects.
Epperson, Natasha - The Gothic and Fetish illustrations and Photography of Natasha Epperson. Art work is similar in style to Patrick Nagel.
Evenenstar, Heather - Heather Evenenstar's paintings are best described as Symbolic and occult; depicting the ongoing battle, and attempts at reconciliation, between the Divine and Infernal
gallagher, chris - Horrific, fantastic, abstract, and expressionism artwork. Sketches, paintings, and photographic work, and soon writings. Work for sale as well as services.
Gedal, Constantine - Figurative Oil paintings in Classic and Flemish technique. Surreal subjects with strong realistic effects create a metaphysical atmosphere and take the viewer to interpret their own associations.
Harris, Meredith - The Shattered Art Gallery is an art gallery featuring beautifully designed gothic and fantasy style digital work by the artist Shattered.
Hutton, Tara - Art Deco Paintings by San Francisco Bay Area Artist - Tara Hutton. Original artwork created as an homage to the great painters of the 1920's and 1930's.
Katt, Laura - A collection of my artwork from the world that exists in my head, Arathreel.
Klingbeil, Emma - Gothic art by artist Emma Klingbeil.
Kriz, Milan - This is the Online Art Gallery and e-Catalog of czech venezuelan fine artist Milan Kriz.
LeRoy, Brooke - Freelance Graphics and Illustration. Anything and Everything;-)
Mathe, Zsuzsa - The artistic homepage of world class painter Zsuzsa Mathe -- Poetry in Painting
Mørk, Erlend - Erlend Mørk, a photographic ode to the futility of existence, the end of everything and how it could have been
Pearce, Michael - Dark Art - Extraordinary paintings of Saints, Nudes, Punks, Junkies, Rap and Rock Stars by a master of light.
Penny, Ms - Erotic and gothic art. Mostly pastels, and charchol.
Ramey, Stephanie - Faberge style eggs made into jewelry boxes, ring boxes, and musical boxes. Hand painted egg art we call Egg Critters. Kaleidoscopes and personalized Chritsmas ornaments all made from real eggs.
Scornavacca, Sal - Sal Scornavacca, selective variations of works in mixed media from the late 1980s to this present time.
Shea, Danny - A collection of original drawings done in colored pencils and ink in various categories
Steimle, Robert - A collection of the creative works of RW.Steimle.
Wankewycz, Ginger - Original linoleum block prints and origami creations by Cleveland Artist Ginger Wankewycz.
Ware, Renee - Original fantasy artwork by Renee Ware including angels,fairys,and more!
Wetter, Oliver - Fantasio Fine Arts is a young Artists-company, which is into physical Airbrushing, Photo-design, Sculpturing, Digital Illustration and Customized Object -designing.
mycal, aka - An Interesting Place To Go.
Rándich Odría, Joao - Artistic portfolio by Joao Rándich Odría, digital dark and surreal art.
Reuben, Juanna - Romance a la Dark - Gothic and Nude Art by Juanna Reuben
Shyla, Ugly - Morbid Fine Art Dolls.

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