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Bowman, Brice - This site is a good example of sophisticated contemporary art made using the computer.
Fletcher, Anthony Artoni - Original paintings, drawings & some digital graphics for apparel
Gylling, Gemma - Within this site you will find Art done in Colored Pencils, Dog Art and Dog Portraits (Specializing in Rottweilers), Oil Paintings and Stained Glass Windows.
Mascarenhas, Diana - Drawings and pencil sketches, oil and watercolor paintings, charcoals...mostly landscapes, portraits and character designings.
Pilmeyer, Pilmeyer - Handmade drawings and webvideo animations (with Music of Gong, Can, etc....) Surealism with some psychedelic spices
Scroggs, Phil - Acrylic paintings, photography and folk art by Seattle artist Phil Scroggs: Graphic designer, illustrator, animator.
Sedgeman, Luke - Digital illustration (Flash/Photoshop), traditional illustration, design, character sketches, comic strips, game art and doodles of every kind.
Stefankova, Petra - and a group of artists, designers and animators from Central Europe
Tarabella, Renato - Photographer, Astrophotographer, 3D artist. High resolutions images from the solar system. High resolution images of Marettimo taken with multi-shot on digital camera
Tomlinson, Teod - A wyld stroll on the more expressive side of art making. The full pragmatic Galleries include painting, drawing, and animation. Enjoy!!!!!!!!
Tupper, Virginia - Online gallery of portraiture; figurative drawings; mixed media paintings; classical and computer animation.
Wicke, Othmar -
Ghazala, Mohamed - teacher in fine arts faculty in minia university.EGYPT
Matlock, Andy - Matlock Studios specializes in the development of complex medical and scientific illustrations for the web, multimedia, and print
North, Dug - Contemporary automata handmade with wood and metal. These quirky devices feature off-beat themes, animated figures, and ingenious mechanisms.

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