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23, David - Cubicle Art. Funist Art. Outsider Art. Arcylic on canvas paintings designed to be hung in a cubicle or workspace.
Adams, Dee - deedee9:14 provides contemporary abstract minimalist art for the modern collector. Customers include those looking specifically to match upscale interiors and collectors of mid-century modern design.
Ando, Yukio - The oil painting of ANDOGUIO I want the room of a white wall to set minimal, a plane work, drawing, CG, etc.
Artusi, Andrea - My work is mainly directed to a minimal-conceptual painting characterized by a research connected with the use of materials as slaked lime and sand combined with acrylic colour, mostly in metal and pearl tones.
Bell, Larry - Larry Bell, a Taos, New Mexico contemporary artist, investigates improbable relationships of surface and form through glass and bronze or on canvas and paper.
Brocious, Bo - Original artwork by Bo Brocius.
Casas, Jose Maria - Jose Maria Casas`s Oil Paints, Draws, Photos, and Info.
Coles, Gary - Inventor of new Art Form called "E.M.P." read all about it on my website or email me directly for more information.
Cwik, Larry - Larry Cwik's minimalist photographs reflect the uniqueness and beauty in day-to-day images that pass by unnoticed. The self-taught photographer's limited edition prints have been presented in over 50 galleries and museums in the United States, Canada,Mexico, China, Spain, and Lithuania.
D'Angelo, Elizabeth - Finding the truth inherent in our own centers, in the centers of objects that we often overlook, and the centers of spaces that we inhabit.
de Guzman, Miguel - The portfolio of Miguel de Guzman consisting of architecture and photography.
Emelyanov, Dmitry - Religious and other Miniature Sculpture of many materials - rare and other wood, Mastodon tusk ( bone of relic Elephant), ceramic, metal, etc. . Handworks. The Micro-Tools. Video and CD.
Galligani, Michel - Michel Galligani online exhibition of non-figurative acrylic paintings. A truly virtual exhibit. English and French version.
Kalkan Erenus, Ízlem - Artist's site with personal info and examples of works. Mainly works from recent series "Remains of Yesterday" are available. Arrangement of canvases with mortar relief.
Kamir, Kamir - Virtual gallery of black and white photography containing the artists portfolios.
Knight, Nicholas - New York Artist creating minimal, color field paintings, handprinted monotypes and woodcuts. Based in philosophy, astronomy, perception.
Lewis, Allison - Mixed media painter, working in acrylic and oil employing various mediums on wood. Formal marriage of shape, colour, texture, line and composition.
Monblatt, Laurie - Artist,Laurie Monblatt creates mixed media wall relief sculptures and mixed media paintings. The finished product hovers between painting, sculpture, and an ancient artifact.
Pascual, Vicente - Vicente Pascual combines a contemporary sensibility and training with an interest in pre-modern aesthetics. Paintings and documents. Spanish contemporary art.
Postellon, Daniel - Wood sculpture inspired by science and saints.
Rivas, Dulce Maria - Contemporary, conceptual, minimal. Intended for being hung in corporative buildings.
Schlingemann, Jonathan - Photographer / artist Jonathan Schlingemann, living in the Netherlands.
Slater, Carl - Online Portfolio of conceptual photography and fine art. 2 volumes of catalogued works to date.
Terry, Steve - Zen micro-landscapes
Thomasson, Bj÷rn - Land- and seascape watercolors, usually executed from a seakayak somewhere on the Swedish coast.
Tidwell, Jeremy - Portrait photography that attempts to communicate emotion.
Black, Brian - This site freely exhibits the paintings of Brian Black...these works have a minimalist focus on the "Image" and a recurring "Blue Spirit" motif. Enjoy.
Earlbecke, J. R. - Abstract/fantasy and digital art. High quality prints and originals of artwork for sale, work on commission.
Fignier, Noel - Urban Abstract Expressionism leading to a new Concrete Art
scheirer, david - Porfolio of watercolor still lifes and portraits. Commissions accepted. Original work for sale.

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