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Art, Adras - Superb online art exposition. Absolutely gorgeous! Featured!
Galligani, Luigi - Mediterranean sculptures in clay, bronze, marble. Monumental artworks. Updated web site with new works and exhibitions Featured!
Ancone, Corrie - A 'Photographic' pantheon of contemporary mythological beings....
Archer, Cynthia - A collective site for the creative work of Cynthia Archer.
Balivet, Emily - Gallery of Goddess figures, symbolic Pre-Raphaelite inspired paintings, a Medieval Alphabet, Portraits and Commissioned Works. And MORE!!
Bell, Jason Robert - An archive of The work and ideas of Jason Robert Bell, Texas born, New York based, Yale Mfa, Supergenius.
Blondell, Tina - Contemporary figurative paintings in watercolors and oils by Austrian/American artist Tina Blondell.
Bottyan, Katalin - My website contains an amount of my enamel paintings and graphics: they are about mystical nature, shamanism, mysteries of Mother Earth and other New Age.
Boyce, Eleanor - Surreal, Gothic, Pagan, Fantasy, Magickal paintings, drawings, sculptures and writings
Chubar, Alexander - Contemporary figurative paintings and drawings by Alexander Chubar. The site includes still lifes, portraits and interiors. Some art works comprise erotic and mythological themes.
Cleopas, Emilia - A Futurist's peception of the ionic spectrum. Ionic Futurism seeks to dismantle the shackles of symbolism and the paradox of duality.
Danko, Patricia Jane St. John - Patricia Jane St. John Danko is a visual artist who creates paintings, drawings, sculpture, and masks, as well as original prints in serigraphy, etching, lithography, and woodcut. She works in acrylic, oil, and mixed media.
Donnini, Stephen - The art collection of Stephen Donnini is a growing expression of his unique view of the world. Its about different cultures and their mythology.
Dowling, Janet - Fine fantasy sculpture of an exotic and fantastic nature. Figures range from mermaids to shapeshifters, faye and primordials.
Durand, Andre - The work of Andre Durand, 56 paintings online.
Hansen, Beth - Fairies, dragons, and creatures of myth portrayed in oils by visionary artist Beth Hansen.
Iles, Susanne - dracoBlu is the art and writing of Susanne Iles, devoted to dragon mythology, spirituality and symbolist art.
Iles, Susanne - Susanne Iles is an artist and writer, focusing on dragon mythology, spirituality and symbolist art.
InGold, Kylie - Fairy and Fantasy Paintings from the Brush of Kylie Ingold, Mermaids and More!
Lunyakov, Sascha - You are welcome to my virtual gallery at!
Margot, O. - Art is Love Murals and Fine Art in the S.F. Bay Area, by Olga Margot. Original Freehand Murals, Oil Paintings and Painted Furniture.
Miller, Justin - DragonFog Designs offers artwork featuring dragons and other creatures, mythical and those never before seen by human eyes. Updated regularly as new pieces are completed.
Moran, Malcolm - My work speaks to a certain reality that touches upon our deep and hidden nature ... images within images.
Nadii, Aria - Richly detailed paintings inspired by illuminated manuscripts, with mythological and alchemical themes. These deeply layered small works on canvas are often reminiscent of ancient artifacts.
Owen, Jack - I'm from Japan and a self-taught artist. I draw and paint with pastels. All of my drawings come from my inspiration, and I can make a portrait of people. In addition, I paint with pastels in an abstract way and non-abstract way.
Randall, Barbara S. - Mixed-media art quilts by Barbara Randall that are embellished with a variety of found objects to enhance the sculptural quality of the quilt.
Ray, Elena - Portfolio of Mythopoetic photographs.
Scharping, Pahl - Original photo/digital images of fantasy, and mythology as well as freelance services.
Schultz, Stephen - Watercolors inspired by southwestern rock art images presented on web pages scaled automatically for the viewer's screen resolution.
Scott, Joanna - Angels,fairies, mermaids, dolphins, cats, dragons, Alice in Wonderland and childrens themes, limited edition prints, furniture, Trompe L'oeil mural panels.
Steimle, Robert - A collection of the creative works of RW.Steimle.
Tal, Drew - My art is a personal investigation into the underlying themes and common threads found in all religious and sexual expression.
Toball, Silas - Goblin Design is the exceptional site about art, illustration and design of the visionary artist Silas Toball.
Toneva, Antonia - The official website for the well-known artist Antonia Toneva.
Turstig, Hans-Georg - Meet the Unexpected - get inspired.
Woodworth, Katharina - Mystical watercolors deeply rooted in mythology, archetypes, and the divine feminine. Mythical fish, dragons, mermaids, and goddesses are done in a colorful, luminous, fluid, asiatic, and textural style.
Works, David - Limited Edition Prints. Surreal, strange, people, spirits, animals.
Wrentmore, Mairyann - I depict the stories of mytic gods and goddesses. My art work is a combination of sculpture and collage.
Bonnette, Jolie - A domain featuring the online gallery of Pagan artist Jolie E. Bonnette, the Art Protection League and MORE!
Ilic, Jasmina - Official website of Professional Artist Jasmina Ilic with image galleries of her works, biography, list of the exhibitions and impressum.
Kostliva, Jarmila - Finding provocative inspiration in Carl Gustav Jung's meditations on symbols of the collective human psyche, Jarmila Kostliva's Paintings explore realms of emerging subjectivity in varying states of visual conception.
Phelan, Michele-lee - Goddess, tarot and elemental artworks created by pagan artist, Michele-lee Phelan. For original artworks, prints, and personal commissions. The Magick begins with Her.
Rickman, Shane - I paint to inspire, to wake the spirit from its slumber and to remind myself of the splendor and beauty of life. I decided when painting, to allow my innocence of spirit and naive form to grow and find their way into my art.
Rodriguez, Carlos - Shamanistic expressive artwork. Extrasensorial visionary mystical paintings, sculptures and writings. Ten galleries with beautiful visions of artistic spiritual voyages through the universe.
Voegtle, Petra - Asian style Woodcarving, Fiber Art and Photography - contemporary interpretation of ancient Asian art forms captured in wood and textiles.

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