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Agafonova, Liliya - The artist from Belarus, Liliya Agafonova represents an album of her pictures, brought from her trip to Macedonia.
Chauvin, Daniel - Photography series titled "BEING HUMAN" by artist Daniel Chauvin.
Chu, Jenny - Throughout China, there are many ethnic minority groups that we do not imagine. Here, I have compiled an exhibition of my photographic journey through China which shows the warmth and love I feel for all of the Chinese peoples.
Dryden, Elizabeth - Paintings of bright color and expression of abstract organic forms of animals and humans. The bright colors and playful use of line create a contemporary look at life and emotion.
Ferris, Chuck - Powerful, evocative art photography, primarily of people. Including 'Homeless in San Francisco' (up close and personal approach), 'People of Cuba', unique figure studies and 'Heavy Metal Monsters'
Kulenovic, Maya - M Kulenovic paints violence, death and peace with a sense of urgency, directness and compassion.These works offer an intense visual and emotional experience..
Lentz, Vicky - Canadian visual artist living and working in nature. Contemporary nature landscapes and rural scenes in oil.
Modiest, A. J. - Retrospective interpretations of classical African antiquities. Abstract impressional limited prints. Metallic original mixed media artwork.
Paladin, David - Original paintings and prints of half-Navajo artist David Chethlahe Paladin are rooted in but not bounded by the lore of his Native American ancestry.
Schultz, Stephen - Watercolors inspired by southwestern rock art images presented on web pages scaled automatically for the viewer's screen resolution.
Matteau, DS - A site that is regularly rebuilt as we move through creative cycles. Subscribers can request custom work as well as discounts.
Regat, Jaques & Mary - Alaskan artists Jacques and Mary Regat work in bronze sculpture, lithography, wood, and oils focusing on wildlife, native ledgendry and stylized people.

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