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Ardass Kaur, Siri - In my creations I seek to capture an energetic snap shot of inspirational states of consciousness.
Ahtello, - Colorful spiritual art and poetry, by spiritual artist AHTELLO.
Arderup, Bo - Experience the colourful paintings of the artist Bo Arderup in which he interpretes the conditions of life, its origin and beauty. The Art invites to many different interpretations, meditation and quietness
Behr, Mary - Mary Behr has produced very colorful and bright oil paintings as well as funny fairy tail pictures.
Belmar, J.P. - J.P. Belmar is an artist with many venues and international success. Her mixed media originals, giclee fine art prints and wearable art emanate a colorful world in which nature meets ingenuity and hard work blissfully unites with play.
Beltrame, Alessandro - Pictures, images, and other alchemies in the works of Alessandro Beltrame.
bibeau, michael - bebo's unusual yet unique work is out of bones,creating one of a kind pieces,statues,motorcycles,never before seen art but always remembered.
Bielefeld, Marge and Bud - These unique hand-crafted figurative sculptures respresent the guardian spirits inhabiting the forests, mountains, rivers and the plains of ancient America. When you invite 'Ancient Ones' into your home they bring the power and the peace from the drums and campfires of a long forgotten people. Come share the spirit!
Bottyan, Katalin - My website contains an amount of my enamel paintings and graphics: they are about mystical nature, shamanism, mysteries of Mother Earth and other New Age.
Boyce, Eleanor - Surreal, Gothic, Pagan, Fantasy, Magickal paintings, drawings, sculptures and writings
Chinmoy, Sri - Spiritual art of Sri Chinmoy. Featuring examples of Sri Chinmoy's Soul - Bird drawings and Jharna Kala paintings
Cologon, Ray - Cologon utilises precious and exotic woods to create exquisitely detailed turned and carved wood art. His work is evocative and timeless and explores metaphysical themes.
Connelly, Claudia - Out of the mists of time something sacred calls to be remembered. Drawing inspiration from Botticelli the Pre-Raphaelites Claudia works intuitively allowing her mystical images to emerge.
D'Angelo, Elizabeth - Finding the truth inherent in our own centers, in the centers of objects that we often overlook, and the centers of spaces that we inhabit.
Della Volpe, Sid - Abstract, intuitive and exclusive painting, made by acrylic and mix on canvas. Brazilian artist
Durand, Andre - The work of Andre Durand, 56 paintings online.
Farber, Shayna Bracha - Shayna attempts to harness the spirit energy and place it on paper.
glinka, werner - Visual mantras
Goodrich, Mandy - Mandalas and Modern Art Mandy Goodrich. Mandalas are colorful, bright symetrical pieces. Other pieces are also available.
Gray, Colleen - Powerful images of Native American spiritualism in ink and watercolour, drawn from someone walking the Red Road. Each image is accompanied by a story.
Hojnik, Tatjana - Abstract oil paintings and acrylics.
Hoyka, Damir - Gallery of photo artist Hoyka exhibiting a contemplative and new dimension style of photography. Gallery consists of manipulated nude images, architecture, and abstract photography.
Kelly, Robert - A collection of artwork by Robert Kelly ranging from large paintings dealing with the flow of form and thought to detailed graphite portraits.
Leinow, Leonardo - Leonardo Leinow's website is an exquisite display of his visual mastery combining Sacred Spirit, sensual erotic, masculine-feminine and Angelic forms within the Heart space.
LeVier, Karen - This site contains a sampling of artwork by Karen LeVier, which inclueds Raku pinch pots, vases, sculpture and computer art.
Markov, Peter - A gallery of digital paintings and photography.
Markovich, Claudia - Paintings of realistic as well as visionary themes complement a complete mystery novel about artists in Soho.
Mastrorilli, Joan - An online gallery of space, fantasy and sci fi art featuring unicorns, dragons, planets, sea scapes, space scapes, stars, castles and alternate realities.
Mayfield, Tufani - Mixed media abstracts inspired by the mythology and mystical practices of ancient cultures. China, India, Egypt. Reproductions and surface design services available.
Medrano, Luis - Art from the most deep parts of the human mind
Modonpour, Samar - This installation is made from more than 3000 of Internet photographs of Iranian women wearing Hijab, mounted on ceramic tiles. It portrays the women's sexual movement in Iran.
Parker, Merren - Original representational and abstract fractal art, wonderful to look at, created on the computer using the mathematics of infinity. A special artwork, and psychic reading.
Peebles, Nicole - Fine art interpretations of a spiritual journey to the Promised Land. (Read the artist's statement... it's funny!)
Reeves, Sarah - Great Poetry and Art you'll enjoy it!! Have Fun!
Revell, Ian - Dedicated to the psychotropic, visionary art-work of revolution (aka Ian Revell), a mandala artist living in Toronto, Canada.
Rivera, Nicole - I am a Digital Spiritual Artist. My images are meant to be thought provoking and speak to each individual in a unique way. The images can be humorous, disturbing, enlightened or fanciful to name a few. I am also available for commission art. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further details. Thank you
Robles, Evert A. - Spiritual art for the 21st century. Evert A. Robles challenges us to look deeper, beneath the surface and into the soul. Mediums include paintings, photography, digital art and graphic art.
Rossetti, Miga - Original Art Cards, Blank Journals, Postcards: Printed on recycled paper from handmade designs by Miga Rossetti - wedding, astrological, equinox, solstice, spring, summer, fall, winter.
Rubin, Walter - Original works of art by NIBUR.
Ruzich, Denise - The exciting Digital and Traditional Fine Art, Photography, Illustration and Designs of artist Denise Ruzich. Explorations in the infinite possibilites offered by the ever increasing art mediums.
Scott, Joanna - Angels,fairies, mermaids, dolphins, cats, dragons, Alice in Wonderland and childrens themes, limited edition prints, furniture, Trompe L'oeil mural panels.
Simic, Layla - My art is Liberating, fun, freeing, colorful and sometimes mesmerizing!
Singh, Mrinalini - Abstract Explorations: Paintings in oils, waterlcolors, inks by Mrinalini Singh. Also recent experimental works in doodling and animation.
Stocard, Lionel - Paintings and sculptures of dream and fantasy. Musical instruments and furnitures (English, French, Italian).
Tripp, Jane - A visual exploration of the mythic landscape of the Celtic Otherworld, this art opens a window onto the fabled Shining Realms.
Vysotsky, Oleg - The creative world of Oleg Vysotski is chamber and lyrical but it is not reserved and impenetrable. His works are full of air, light, low sounding, like solo on the flute music, refiend poetics.
Wagenfeld, David - The work that I am led to do is of the spirit, about the spirit and for the spirit.
White, Kerri - Contemporary Abstract Pen and Ink Drawings by Artist Kerri White.
Zaikowski, Elizabeth - Paintings of mandalas, fantasy surrealist and abstract. ,sculpture and ceramics of Elizabeth Zaikowski.
Horner, Lisa - Using my love of colour and imagination, I like to produce art that lifts the spirit and pleases the senses, and captures my dreams.
Kernodle, Robert - Artist Robert Kernodle creates "The Art Of Turbulence", dynamic liquid flow paintings using modern fluid acrylics.
Phelan, Michele-lee - Goddess, tarot and elemental artworks created by pagan artist, Michele-lee Phelan. For original artworks, prints, and personal commissions. The Magick begins with Her.
Rickman, Shane - I paint to inspire, to wake the spirit from its slumber and to remind myself of the splendor and beauty of life. I decided when painting, to allow my innocence of spirit and naive form to grow and find their way into my art.
Rubin, Dalia - A colorful celebration of abstracted landscapes, figures, celestial scenes and still life with the unique use of metallic colors (oil, acrylic), patterns and textures (mixed media).

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