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Backs, Georgette - Original paintings in oil and acrylic, representational, surreal, religious, and wildlife.
Cassady, Jack - features:paintings,prints,CV,contact and links. Present area of study: Realism; Social, Political, Metaphysical
Chamberlain, Sylvain - ANTI-POP ART, contemporary figurative medium and large scale acrylic paintings, content driven by current and future issues of humanities and science.
Daullé, Bertrand - Oil on canvas, Watercolor on special paper, Charcoal and pastel on recycled paper account Nature, characters, and travel impressions.
Davreux, Jean-Claude - Gallery of fantastic art paintings depicting fantasy, reality, political, social, and international actualities.
Hazelwood, Art - Site features mural painting, oil and watercolors and woodcut prints by Art Hazelwood
Linda, Maximin - General Art from COMTEMPORARY,MINIMALIST, ABSTRACT, JAPANESE, SURREALIST and much much more ...
Markut, Jan - Miniature portraits of us Presidents. Oil on ivory. Most unique collection of the original masterpieces. Painted by the great master of fine arts Jan Markut.
Martinez, Yuri - Contemporary Cuban Art, oils on canvas paintings depicting the dreams and fantasies of the Cuban people.
Perez, Palin - Arte como delito translation Art when its a crime socio-politico art from Palin Perez NY's hottest artist
Pincus, Adam - 3-D Politics is the work of Adam Pincus, who creates sculptural social commentary and souvenirs in a wide array of topics and prices.
Riffle, Weston - California painting depicting political, racial, and religious themes
Sesow, Matt - Sesow is aprolific and successful independent painter selling directly to colletors. Click to see his raw powerful art!
Shephard, Regis - An orgy of post modernism dripping with nappy idealism. Art about now.
Tal, Kali - Unusual mixed-media with American and African roots. Collage, assemblage, and mosaic comprise postmodern primitive works made of circuit boards, skulls, furniture, traditional materials.
Ull, David - illustrations paintings some flash animation mostly pen and ink drawings mixed with oil etc. issues with american history war politics
van Geijn, Rob - Drawings, paintings, and decorative design by artist Rob van Geijn.
Wintje, Kim - Sculpture that focuses on political and environmental issues.
Angell, Charles - Photography, Illustration. My photowork is street oriented and almost always deals with landscapes and people. My illustration work is more political and often rendered in the vein of the graphic novel.
Brain, Richard - This is the art of a vain, blue eyed, atheistic, hedonistic, communist, therefore, as you can imagine, my art is my only reademing feature.
Cerimagic, Muradif - Secrets of Balkan - East meets West Bosnian artist explains his view of our world: full of emotions, full of realism.
Ecke, H - Featuring today's provocative artist: Hardy Ecke. Timely vision of the state of the world. Featured: 9/11 WTC Tribute!
Lacey, Daniel - A daily Christian editorial cartoon; also, the portrait studio of the cartoonist.
Pettit-Almasude, JoAnna - Works by JoAnna Almasude. Faculty at The Art Institute of Pittsburg, Online Division.

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