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Ayma-Aubeyzon, Albert - Creative photography of author for urban and natural landscapes, rural themes, artistic monuments; christmas cards and reflection images; U-kiyoe japanese woodblocks by Hokusai, Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi....
Backs, Georgette - Original paintings in oil and acrylic, representational, surreal, religious, and wildlife.
Baumgartner, Vivian - Fine art paintings, prints, photos, and drawings featuring landscapes, figures, and religious themes from a Wisconsin artist
Chinmoy, Sri - Spiritual art of Sri Chinmoy. Featuring examples of Sri Chinmoy's Soul - Bird drawings and Jharna Kala paintings
Choephell, Ugyen - A Living Tradition is dedicated to the art and culture of Tibet. Run by a Tibetan artist aiming to preserve Tibetan cultural identity.
Crittenden, Mary - paintings created in a fresh new style from old photographs bring a past era to life; portraits that tell a story; Inspirational art
Diaz, Daniel - Daniel Martin Diaz captures the spirit and mysticism of the ancient world with his time-worn oil paintings.
Donnini, Stephen - The art collection of Stephen Donnini is a growing expression of his unique view of the world. Its about different cultures and their mythology.
Durand, Andre - The work of Andre Durand, 56 paintings online.
Forbes-Mullane, Kristin - Original Artwork by Kristin Forbes-Mullane
Garcia, Janet - Original art by Janet Garcia which include Traditional Fine Arts and Digital Fine Arts.
Hall, Robin - subversive/alternative christion icons. “Poking a stick into the belly of Jesus Christ.” Beautifully made and original wall hanging sculptures.
Hanson, Stephen & Carol - View the unusual architectural collages of Stephen Hanson, as well as colorful streetscenes by Carol Hanson. One will find a wide range of artwork here, from these Colorado artists,including Religious suject matter, as well, as still lifes, abstracts, and florals. Come and see our work!
Haslet, Timothy - A simple online portfolio of oil paintings, and pencil, pen & ink drawings of mostly landscapes and portraits.
Kane, Solomon - Metaphysical surrealistic psychedelic art and prints dealing with philosophy and religion influenced by many renowned artists.
Kauffman, Trudy - Self taught artist.
Kertesz, Susanna - Online gallery of oil and pastel paintings of jewish themes and portraits by hungarian artist Susanna Kertesz
Lerner, Frank - Frank Lerner makes unique stained glass. He uses precious metals to stain images into the glass.
Lynch, Bryan - Fine-artist Bryan Lynch pursues both Landscape and Christian paintings. Original Oils, Iris-Giclee prints, Greeting Cards available.
McKenna-Borth, Abi - Unique three dimensional hand-crafted spiritual framed art from Texas artist and designer Abi McKenna-Borth. Winged Guardians are inspirational pieces that reflect your connection to your faith.
Odem, Chaim - Chaim Odem, the popular Israeli Artist, is proud to present some of his greatest art work.
Ordońez, Efren - Rocio Heredia presents: The Mexican tradition is gotten up to present sensitivity in the huge interpretative capacity of Master Ordonez: Paintings, Sculptures and Stained Glass Art.
Orloff, Oleg - O. Orloff is a prominent contemporary art painter. He has his unique painting techniques. O. Orloff is a founder of new trend in contemporary art. Nowadays his paintings embellish the best collections all over the world.
Paine, Ron - Definition of mystical art with pictures and poems.
Pavlov, Gennady - This is the home page of birch-bark fine art wood carving by Russian artist Gennady Pavlov.
Postellon, Daniel - Wood sculpture inspired by science and saints.
Revell, Ian - Dedicated to the psychotropic, visionary art-work of revolution (aka Ian Revell), a mandala artist living in Toronto, Canada.
Rinchen-Wongmo, Leslie - Pieced thangkas. Hand-stitched mosaics of silk by a contemporary textile artist working in a sacred Tibetan tradition. Gallery, history, and process. Works on comission.
Rosenlund, Avis Ann - Glass art in all forms including reproduction of buildings, interpretation of the classical art, functional pieces, jewelry. Most pieces are created by kiln work others by traditional glass methods.
Sanislo, Mark - Traditional classic portraits and religious art in oils and pastels that captures the physical likeness creating a wonderful piece of art.
Schlosser, Taylor - Spiritual works based after the Judeo-Christian ethic. Limited-editions signed prints available to buy online here. Commission Taylor Schlosser to do a portrait or other custom work for you individually. Ask Taylor about technique.
Smith-Lamothe, Terrence E. - An artist and an architect, Smith-Lamothe designs windows for specific locations and themes.
Soeten, Steven - On my website Trance Art I am exhibiting my work as a trance medium artist. My work is known as automatic drawing and contains spiritual messages created without the in between of my personal will.
Tal, Drew - My art is a personal investigation into the underlying themes and common threads found in all religious and sexual expression.
Taylor, James - Fine Art Classic Figurative Nudes - Sculpture in the round and Relief - In Bronze, Clay, Urythane, Bonded Sand, Cast Stone and Gypsum Products.
Thompson, William Thomas - This is the artwork of William Thomas Thompson and this page displays his many paintings and the reason behind them. is completely dedicated to showing the world his artwork which relays a spiritual message to anyone who views it.
Tsering, Penpa - Hand carved contemporary Tibetan sacred art, including altars and meditation tables.
Vincent-Venter, Lorna - Wall mural sculptures, collectibles, religious sculptures, paintings and home decor sculpted gift items: cats, pets, angels, frogs, horses and more. Architectural details and installations.
Vinciguerra, Vincenzo - Realizable Christian icons painted by hand in the ancient Byzantine techniques, on wood seasoned with lime plaster. Egg tempera and white wine with Armenian bole gilding the gold 23 3 / 4 K. Painted Olifa. Issue certificate authenticity hologram.
Walters, Woody - Photographer, Woody Walters, takes viewers on a visual journey from black and white landscapes, to character studies, to incredible christian art with hidden symbolic meanings.
Wiley, Lucia - The life and art of 20th century painter and WPA muralist, Sr. Lucia Wiley (1906-1998), who often worked in fresco.
Yotkov, Valentin - Valentin seeks to revive the ancient practices of Chasing and Repousse on jewelry and hollowware made in silver, copper and gold. His studio is the only school in the USA specialized in Chasing/Repousse instruction.
Hofstaedter, D. Franchi - Handmade ceramic mosaics and tiles celebrating the feminine spirit by Bucks County artist, D. Franchi Hofstaedter.
Phaizulline, Ilyas - More then 40 best works of Russian painter. Paintings, drawings. Mystical realism, Ancient Greece. Literature, mythology. Hystory of the Tatar people, islam.
Regat, Jaques & Mary - Alaskan artists Jacques and Mary Regat work in bronze sculpture, lithography, wood, and oils focusing on wildlife, native ledgendry and stylized people.

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