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Panasewicz, Marquis de - Welcome to the Marquis' world of fantastic dreams and let your most hidden desires free. Your custom commissions are accepted.
Parrish, George (Jr.) - Historical prints of Western Gunfighters, Civil War Generals, and Famous Movie Stars of the Golden Era of the Movies. Limited and Open Editions.
Thistle, Rich - Military, general aviation, automotive, and landscape art. Originals, limited edition prints, posters, and collector plates. Secure online catalog shopping. Commissions accepted.
Ull, David - illustrations paintings some flash animation mostly pen and ink drawings mixed with oil etc. issues with american history war politics
Welles, Frank - I like to think of my paintings as interior (internal) landscapes. They're semi-abstract, often using skeleton-like forms and other anatomical details from insects and various natural organisms.
mycal, aka - An Interesting Place To Go.

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