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Mash, Kathe Leigh - Official studio of world renowned artist, Kathe Leigh Mash. Featured!
Voke, Voke' - Website for Fine Art by Voke. Contemporary, black art, original art in oil on canvas. Featured!
Almeyda, Diane - Plique-a-Jour is the seldom seen and most difficult enameling technique resembling miniature stained glass and reminiscent of Art Nouveau.
Ando, Adryan - The most complete romainian art site.
Bales, Marcus - Simple, as Richard Wilbur says, can be divided into three kinds: the beautifully simple, the elegantly simple, and the too damned simple. So, as long as together we avoid the "too damned" we can get beauty and elegance.
Dif, Jean - A unique collection of original 3D computer artworks transposed on canvas. Sublime and unique. A new form of Conceptual Art.
Hankinson, Kat - Custom stained glass art from a multi-talented mother-daughter team.
Heywood, Allan - Allan Heywood designs and makes vitreous enamel objects including plique-a-jour, cloisonne and champleve gold and silver jewelry and unique cloisonne realist wildlife panels.
Kazantzidis, Yiannis - Classic Sculptures and Classic Custom Furnishings by Greek artist Yiannis Kazantzidis. Sculptures, Interior Design, Gift, Custom and Unique.
Lewis, richard - Photorealistic watercolor automotive paintings of classic and sports cars and hood ornaments. Many now on display at the Automotive Hall of Fame Museum in Dearborn, MI. Bugatti, Delahaye, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes, Cadillac and more. Giclee prints.
Montgomery, Mary - Bold high contrast paintings done in expressionist/figurative stye popular in the Art Nouveau Art Deco period.
MOUSIE, MOUSIE - Serene art prints of beautiful women, commemorating the New Orleans Mardi Gras and other festivals. Art Nouveau was 100 years ago. This is Art Nounew!
North, Jenna - Jenna Norths Opulent paintings and assemblage offer a new way of viewing ornamentation.
Penzo, Pierluigi - Classic and figurative stained glass painted in old "grisaille" technique.
Reeves, Sarah - Great Poetry and Art you'll enjoy it!! Have Fun!
Toball, Silas - Goblin Design is the exceptional site about art, illustration and design of the visionary artist Silas Toball.
Weaver, Bill - Tin glazed earthenware that is made from hand built and thrown and assembled parts. All work is made for everyday use.
awret, irene - fine art prints of peace and love. Very reasonably priced.
Binlamin, Mohammad - Assakeefa Art Gallery
Dunne, Alan - This site presents diversity and colour, a range of personal expressions and a vision of life with its effects on a vagabond soul
Jegen, Els - To move and to be moved from pictures, design, sculptur, audiovisuell, multimedia, writing, movement, PowerPoint Presentations, literatur, poetry, lyricism,
Ryan, Charles - People

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