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P, Gnana - P. Gnana is a distinguished Singapore-based artist whose art is in the collection of the President of the Republic of Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum. Featured!
Soh, Kaypee - Kaypee’s art is a digital composition of original photography, color, texture and form to create an artwork contemporary in style while retaining elements of antiquity. Featured!
Teo, Kim-Liong - A renowned artist from Singapore, he paints landscapes, portraits and figures (nudes) in a fusion of Eastern and Western representational styles. Featured!
Balian, Neshan - Unique hand painted ceramic tiles,decorative tiles,tile murals and tile art from one of the oldest tile studios in the world. Designs by Neshan Balian.
Choephell, Ugyen - A Living Tradition is dedicated to the art and culture of Tibet. Run by a Tibetan artist aiming to preserve Tibetan cultural identity.
Chu, Jenny - Throughout China, there are many ethnic minority groups that we do not imagine. Here, I have compiled an exhibition of my photographic journey through China which shows the warmth and love I feel for all of the Chinese peoples.
Coggins, Shai - Bold, lively paintings with a unique style from this artist / psychologist / writer based in Asia.
Collection, Art - Our Collection of Arts consists of original and reproduced Oil Paintings, watercolors, Chinese paintings, black and white or color Photography, calligraphy, Hand Crafted art and Framing.
Daudenarde, Helene - The Oil Paintings of Helene Daudenarde.
Dongfang, Jin - Asian art done in ink on rice paper by artist Jin Dongfang.
Dutombe, Claude - Frozen Zen artworks have been selected to compliment the contemporary Asian theme interior. They represent a Zen-like ambience and reflect the cultural richness of Asia.
Gonzalez, LD - Visit the online portfolio of South Texas digital artist and illustrator elledeegee.
Hardy, Pamela - An Australian artist in Bali.
Hornbuckle, Marianne - Landscape and floral paintings as well as Japanese ink and brush paintings by William Preston and Marianne Hornbuckle.
Jackson, Tony - Studies of India, Still life, landscape, abstract design, portraits, mostly in acrylics, based in England
Kazaz, Emil - Exclusive worldwide representative for Emil Kazaz.
Khirwal, Rimjhim - Specializes in oil painting, charcoal and graphite pencil drawings, ceramic and marble sculpting, and Henna (mehndi) body painting.
Kochar, Vijaybhai - I create my original works on computer without use of any photographs or clips. The works reflect my Indianness and love for energised expressions.
Levin-Gold, Roslyn - A collection of custom portraits of pets any subject from nature (animals, birds, fish, plants...) on clothing; acrylic and sumi-e wildlife paintings; custom handpainted window blinds. Commissions welcome. Roslyn Levin-Gold's wild-life art, in Sumi-e (Japanese Brushstroke painting) captures spiritual essence in motion and emotion. Roslyn's favourite subjects include: tigers, birds, polar bears,otters, wolves, and domestic animals. She portrays the beauty and magnificence of the natural world.
Mayfield, Tufani - Mixed media abstracts inspired by the mythology and mystical practices of ancient cultures. China, India, Egypt. Reproductions and surface design services available.
McVay, Kurt - Useful artwork known worldwide for the highest quality craftsmanship and design aesthetics. Unparalleled for cuisine, home/office accents, corporate gifts and personal expressions.
Smith, Catherine - Wildife and nature inspired traditional paintings and ink renderings.
Tsai, Yeachin - "Everyday Ink" is a new challenge I set for myself, as a way of my daily mediation, and, to share my artwork with more people directly. I am using ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil, on all kinds of surfaces, to create a work a day.
Van Ghelue, Nadja - Contemporary Japanese Calligraphy by Nadja Van Ghelue - Shodo, its beauty and spiritual power. Woman artist shows inspirational art inspired on Buddhism and Zen.
Wankewycz, Ginger - Original linoleum block prints and origami creations by Cleveland Artist Ginger Wankewycz.
Woodworth, Katharina - Mystical watercolors deeply rooted in mythology, archetypes, and the divine feminine. Mythical fish, dragons, mermaids, and goddesses are done in a colorful, luminous, fluid, asiatic, and textural style.
yoshibumi, hanaya - Ballpoin pen sketch in Indonesia and Japan.
A. C. Earle, Enigma - Chromogenic fine-art photographic prints, Asian nudes, street, still life, studio, and more.
Bui Thanh, Phuong - Art by Bui Thanh Phuong an Hanoi artist
Lau, Nana - Zen artwork with a splash of modernism! Simple yet powerful Abstract contemporary chinese watercolor by self taught artist Nana Lau.
Marshall, Maile - The Paintings of Maile Marshall. Paintings for sale, but you don't have to buy to enjoy...
McAnerny, Sarah - Design Studio Featuring Hand-Painted Stone Tile Murals, Fine Art and Wall Hangings, Home Accessories, and Tableware. All artwork created by Three Artistic Sisters in Arizona. We also license our art.
Petukhova, Anna - Site represents an exhibition of works Tatyana Petukhova creative workshop - foreman silk painter from St.-Petersburg, Russia. Here it is possible to order the liked works or to become the long-term partner or sponsor.
van den Woldenberg, Odile - French artist, Odile designs realistic compositions and by working on the blur, she catches our eyes and guides them to an impression… Favorites themes are Japan, Geisha, Portait and Dance.
van Starrex, Rudi - Fine art photographer in Sydney, Australia. Event, portrait and beauty.
Voegtle, Petra - Asian style Woodcarving, Fiber Art and Photography - contemporary interpretation of ancient Asian art forms captured in wood and textiles.

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