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American Impressionist Society - National organization that consists of over 200 members with the goal of promoting the appreciation of Impressionism through exhibitions, workshops, and other media. - We are an Internet Art Colony made up of nearly 200 artists from around the world. All of our art is original work.
ArtQuest® - An image listing service that puts people collecting and selling art directly in touch via email. Listing art is easy via a simple online form.
Globe Arts - A Family of Artists. Artistic movement "900" representing contemporary artists.
International Fine Art Brokers - Collectors may use our site to submit free classifieds !
Pikes Peak Watercolor Society - Pikes Peak Watercolor Society in Colorado Springs; an association of over 80 artists dedicated to the improvement, education, and exhibition of quality watercolor art.
Association of Sculptors of Victoria - The Association of Sculptors of Victoria is a not-for-profit society supporting sculpture and sculptors in Victoria, Australia.
Ovenden Contemporary Art Promotions - Exceptional British Art!

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