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Art Links : Education and Reference

Art Gallery & School - Illustration House - Australian Published Illustration Gallery with Art School, Framing & bookshop. Training in arts business, book illustration and fine art media. South Bank Australlia
Art Sales Index - Art Sales Index records the price and details of fine art sold at auction worldwide since 1960.
ArtCourse - Online art courses with a professional artist who will tutor you throughout the course. Silk Painting courses now running and Textiles Gallery open to all.
Artquest School of Art & Design - Artquest School provides comprehensive formal art training to gifted/talented children, preK-12. Year round classes, drawing, painting, ceramics/sculture, color & creative design. - Art and design education and resource site. Step by step tutorials, artist funding and much more.
Bali 1999 Printmaking Adventure - Bali 1999 Printmaking Adventure: Waterless Lithography and Polyester Plate Lithography Workshop, conducted by Prof. Jeffrey Sippel (USA) to be held in Ubud, BALI October 18-31, 1999. Organised by RedPoint, in cooperation with ARMA Museum and Walter Spies Society
Celtic Knotwork - In one hour, you will learn how to draw your own celtic knotwork, not only on square lattices but on any shape. It is much more powerful than the previous available methods.
Contemporary Fresco Painting Resource Center - Contemporary Fresco Painting Resource Center - Image Gallery and Database, Technique Tutorials, Art Forums Network, Nationwide Fresco Workshop Program, Art Chat, Art Classifieds, Awards and more.
Ethan Semmel Art Studio - Learn the secrets of oil painting with informative knowledge of techniques and supplies. Begin painting better today. - Paper Mache Instructions, projects, recipes, and pictures along with questions answered online. Free gallery for kids and adults. Site updated continuously.
How To Paint Watercolors - Multimedia instruction on how to paint watercolors. Richard C Moore, artist
Painting Holiday Directory - Painting Holiday Directory provides details of Painting Holidays, Workshops and Art Courses - Worldwide.
Pattern Tree Art & Antiques Bookstore - 2400 specialized antiques, art, and collectibles reference books from hundreds of publishers.
Professor Seed's Artlinks - Professor Seed's Artlinks is an extensive set of links in Art and Art History based in Southern California
The Clay Animation How To Page - Discover how you can create clay puppets for animating like the Hollywood professionals.
UK ART DATABASE - UK Art Database; a resource for artists, art students and all art lovers
Art Print Marketing Advice - Providing workshops and advice for visual artists on art print marketing. Publisher of the 280-page book, "How to Profit from the Art Print Market"
Balinese Painting and Sculpture - This website presents fine examples of the traditional Balinese paintings and woodcarvings.
Interactive Online Art School - Interactive online art school - Learn to draw light, shade and form. Learn to paint using still life perspective. Paid and FREE art lessons availale online.
Magenta Sky - The Printmaking Academy - We are a leading provider of printmaking tuition and resources worldwide. Our 'Introduction to Printmaking’ distance learning course is the perfect first step to explore the art of printmaking.
Practical Painting - A free guide to the Practical art of Painting. Including articles and tutorials on painting, interviews with respected working artists and inspiration from the Masters..
Taos Art School, Art Workshops, tours, painting, and Art Expeditions, in the Heart of the Southwest, - Taos Art School, Art Workshops, calligraphy, Navajo art, pottery, work shops, Frida Kahlo, Canyon de Chelly, Art Expeditions, tours and painting, in the Heart of the Southwest, Taos, New Mexico.
The Art Wolf - Original, independent web page about Art and the Art World
The contemporary fine arts of the Slovaks living in Vojvodina - The contemporary fine arts of the Slovaks living in Vojvodina represent one of the richest and the, most valuable segments of Slovak culture.
The Web Gallery of Impressionists - The web site is supposed to be a free source of information about Impressionism and other art movements of the mid-end of the 19th century. It contains a lot of pictures along with information about artists and art movements.

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