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This is a gallery of original paintings, of various styles that I have explored over the years. No matter what the style, however, each of these paintings ultimately relates to my overall fluid philosophy, which holds that all formal and abstract works originate from a fluid reality.

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Robert Kernodle

Robert Kernodle  Artwork
The Blue Sublime
Robert Kernodle

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ARTIST Robert Kernodle TITLE The Blue Sublime STYLE Kernodles early fluidism (2000) fluid flow figures that suggest mythical creatures, fantasy characters or surreal beings, realized partly by pouring liquid paints and manipulating them without a brush, using only natural movements and motions of liquid media on a surface that is picked up, tilted, shaken or tapped to cause fluid turbulence SIZE 24 x 18 x 1 inches MATERIALS archival acrylics on foamcore bonded to wood frame, paint around, finished edges, neatly and securely wired, ready to hang unframed in modern museum style smooth, dense paint application, somewhat raised texture, with even, gloss sheen MARKINGS artists signature on front, artists catalogue number, painting title, date created, and signature painted on back PRICE original currently NOT for sale.

SAMPLE PAINTINGSPERSONAL PHILOSOPHY--- The basic connection between everything is turbulent flow (i.e., the complex motion of moving water, clouds or steam). All things are born from this motion. All shapes of the universe are born from this motion. Moving paint, therefore, is a small version of the whole universe.PAINT AND PAINTING--- Patterns in the natural flow of paint are a fascination of mine. Sometimes I preserve these exactly as they happen. Other times I retouch or add to them. I encourage the flow of these natural patterns, but I alone do not control them. I stage a conversation wtih them that comes to a conclusion based on pure feel. I cannot say exactly why I stop a flowing configuration. I just know when to stop. I know when the configuration becomes the most interesting, before it goes the other way into a total mess.PERSONAL BACKGROUND--- I believe that people are artists before they ever know it. Some people realize it early, while other people "wake up" later. Some people never realize it. I am one of those people who woke up. How I came to paint, then, is similar to how my paintings happen: through sudden impulse, insight, chance or discovery.FORMAL TRAINING--- Traditionally, artists are products of talent, training and inspiration. I am not so traditional. I am self-taught (a product of isolation, endurance and faith. I have studied different subjects formally and on my own. Math, science, philosophy, ecology, nutrition, dance, human performance and writing all have been focal points of mine at one time or another. Painting brings all these subjects together and moves beyond them.MY TAKE ON ART TODAY--- Art today is a mess, or rather, a mass of activity frought with contradictions, confusion and conflict--- very similar to fluid turbulence. But, as in turbulence, a dynamic, complex harmony exists. Out of its chaos, some sort of good still seems to come of it. Even my own art exists in a state of self-contradiction. Sometimes I believe I am cluttering the world by continuing to make more art. Other times I cannot avoid the sheer encounter of it and the inevitable, tangible relic of that lived encounter. Whatever it looks like in the end, art is something we simply have to do like breathing or dying. Maybe it is the oxygen of life, or maybe it is the waste product--- both are equal realities of being. I guess this depends on how we view it in the perpetual cycle of things. Overall, I choose a positive view. Subdued beneath this, however, is my radical sense that negativity, fear, anger, hate and destruction are ultimate sources of beauty. If such dark things do not wipe us out, then eventually they lead us back into the light. Beauty is art's preferred settling place.WEBPAGE IMAGES OF PAINTINGS--- A few are at wishes to all.

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Profile Refine?! ... No, no, no. ... I wouldn't touch it! ... That's not how this sort of painting happens. ... It is what it is or came to be...But yourimpressionsare still quite valid...In addition to what you said, one might also add that THE BLUE SUBLIME shows a remarkable lack of artistic skill.... W...  
Profile The Blue Sublime suffers from real direction as a true artpiece. The contrast between the purplebackground and the blue ostrich-like foregrounds leaves a strange taste in theeyes. This is not to say that it cannot work with a little refinement but thereneeds to be a bit more lightness and cont...  
Profile My brush became matted with dry paint, causing thick strokes and ungainly grooves to appear in the gray background here. I walked away dissatisfied, only to return pleased, as my pause enabled me to see this background new. A sense of falling persisted while I looked at it. I poured on liquid blues,...  
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