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examplethan anything so the only thing I don't like aboutshowing you guys this is the XOR natural 5 stars and most people aregoing to be able to get these but its okay bring over some lightdungeons army tank has recommended you reallyneed to take those out with a continuous damage a fax so if you're doing the water dungeon theteam would look similar you have your too heavy hittingmy answers he of course is always using casesasupport and the two masters he switches out are the fire elemental not the high on that I meanthe wind elemental horace here and kinda bummed because Ihad one of these and it was already like max four starand I fed it to realize how useful it could be I'm sure there's other masters withcontinuous damage effects they can be very useful sold this is another it's an attack masako's got somesupport abilities so the stack deepens our target tocontinuous damage effects for 3 turns

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passages de la vie ( pieces of life )
Diane Tremblay

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