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Art Piece
Title: Moments of inspiration
by: Miguel Tió
Art Type: Original Paintings
Media: Canvas Oils Painting
Subject: Figurative Realism Traditional
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12/18/2017comment from Anonymous
10/29/2017comment from Anonymous
9/15/2017comment from Anonymous
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> 2 yearscomment from Migueltio
> 2 yearscomment from Migueltio
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Submitted by Migueltio

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 Lastest-- I love this picture. A true gem.  SEO Consultant
Hefei, China
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1 12/18/2017 11:09 AM
by Anonymous
Great painting and great photos !
The work of a master.
 Lastest-- Great content

2 9/15/2017 9:29 AM
by Anonymous
This is truly masterful work Miguel.
So many things to look at and so many things which quite obviously must mean a lot to you. Bravo!
 Lastest-- You are very kind! I appreciate very much your feedback. Miguel

1 > 2 years
by Migueltio
Moments of inspiration-Miguel Tió
The artist shares his world, and it is truly inspirational. It's wonderful to see you at work, surrounded by great works-and while I have not met you in person, this seems so perfect a moment and jus
 Lastest-- Thank you very much Oksana! This piece is the first canvas of a diptych. I wasn’t sure to post it before I finish the second canvas because I thought the title wouldn’t make too much sense ...

1 > 2 years
by Migueltio
Great self portrait Miguel! I love the cat looking on!
The positioning of the eyes of the Christ-like figure in the painting looking straight at the viewer, while the figures in the work behind look away is particularly well conceived. david: )

1 > 2 years
by Migueltio
Moments of inspiration
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