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Art Piece
Title: Omicron Feminique
by: Robert Kernodle
Art Type: Original Paintings
Media: Acrylic
Subject: Figurative
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11/3/2017comment from Anonymous
6/12/2017comment from Anonymous
> 2 yearscomment from RobertKernodle
> 2 yearscomment from Anonymous
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> 2 yearscomment from RobertKernodle
> 2 yearscomment from RobertKernodle
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Submitted by RobertKernodle

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Hefei, China
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0 11/3/2017 2:41 AM
There is something wonderfully fabulous about this piece. I really love it! It is very interesting. I like that the shadow strokes look as if they show how the figure is moving. I suppose the purpose
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Arkadelphia, Ar, United States
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2 6/12/2017 10:19 PM
by Anonymous
Another unconventional rendering and oddly askew anatomical character inhabits an apparently warm, steamy place.  I would not be surprised if some people see it as the devil's partner in hell, but I a
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1 > 2 years
by RobertKernodle

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