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Art Piece
Title: Sea Wheels 2
by: David Baker
Art Type: Limited Edition Prints
Media: Digital Impression Photography
Subject: Marine Seascape
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9/26/2017comment from Anonymous
9/24/2017comment from Anonymous
9/10/2017comment from Anonymous
7/15/2017comment from Anonymous
> 2 yearsrating (5 stars) from Lokeren, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
> 2 yearsrating (5 stars) from Los Angeles, Ca, United States
> 2 yearscomment from David_Baker
> 2 yearscomment from Migueltio
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> 2 yearscomment from David_Baker

Submitted by David_Baker

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Sea wheels 2 DAVID BAKER
Dear David, This illustrait, naturemade contra manmade= the couleroxide( Fe,) stand out to tha oceans blue, it gives me lot to think of. regards from your friend,Hans alexander David- what is
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5 9/26/2017 10:03 PM
by Anonymous
Sea Wheels 2
Gorgeous work David!, I love the red on the water.
 Lastest-- With regard to the red in the water, this is indeed a vital part of this composition. david: )

1 > 2 years
by David_Baker
No Message.
 Lastest-- I consider this to be one of my most successful photographic pieces, so I am very pleased to see that you enjoy it too. david: )

1 > 2 years
by David_Baker
Sea Wheels 2 - David Baker
I love this composition and colour saturation, the complexity of lines and circles and red reflections on the sea shore. ESpecially if you ompare it to the semplicity of a dot in the middle of the o
 Lastest-- I have never printed this piece off, but imagine that it would look good as the printed versions of my work are always more vivid than the virtual ones and the colours and forms in this piece are quit

1 > 2 years
by David_Baker
Wow...I love the composition and robust colours:-)
I like the red treatment to the if the paint's washing out. Fine work, David! Patrick A.
 Lastest-- It's a relatively old piece which I removed from the CC a while back and have now decided to put up again. davidB: )

1 > 2 years
by David_Baker
Sea Wheels 2- D.Baker
Nice work David,....Best regards SPSoni.
 Lastest-- how much stress to reach the top100. Concealed identities, evaluations 5 5 10 on your works, degrading other works that can be before you. etc. Look at my Wendy, she ie laughing at you. yup yu

1 > 2 years
by utente
i agree on your art! patrickG:-)))
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