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Art Piece
Title: Lawrence Welf a BURGER a
by: Jay Smithline
Art Type: Original Paintings
Media: Acrylic Enamel Marker
Subject: Celebrity
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7 ratings (4.71 avg.)
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> 2 yearsrating (3 stars) from Marietta, Ga, United States
> 2 yearscomment from salmarino
> 2 yearscomment from dots
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> 2 yearscomment from dots
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Submitted by dots

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Jay Smithline
I´ts nice- but J would´nt eat it- rgds. hag
 Lastest-- Chow on this baby! Pasta la Vista, but hopefully not soon!

6 > 2 years
by salmarino
No Subject.
No Message.

2 > 2 years
by condeart
No Message.

0 > 2 years
masterpiece dieas get rewarded instantly by the right
and honest critques on CC, I am glad it still works and picks out the strong pieces immediately, like this one is!!! just great! patrickG:-)))sure ther will be more high scores to come to blast this m
 Lastest-- Nice beat. I can dance to it. But this should be #1 so come on kids let's rate this to the top of the Funism charts. Oh, and don't forget to visit your local record shop for your copy (not that intern

1 > 2 years
by salmarino
Congratulations Mr. Smithline...
Your entry into the Americana Burgermart International Advertising Campaign Contest has been selected as our Second Prize winner. Ordinarilly, we would have selected your tantilizing campaing as our n

0 > 2 years
if that isn't a pop culture picture . . .
. . . then I don't know what is! . . .mmmmm...see how that burger hovers over a city of multi-colored lights... . . .see how the people are engrossed & ensnared by it... . .
 Lastest-- DO NOT !!!!!!! REPEAT DO NOT !!!!! have a food fight with jello it drys out and is impossible to remove........never throw mashed potatos at each other without wearing protective

2 > 2 years
by dots

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