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Art Piece
by: Jay Smithline
Art Type: Original Paintings
Media: Acrylic Enamel Marker
Subject: Celebrity
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Submitted by dots

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Pia on your shoes - Jay Smithline
Excellent!, this is one of my favorites from your works Jay.

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 Lastest-- do you think that "hardware and software" be a good reason for your friend condeart to push you up on the top at the expense of Patrick Agcaoili's "On thin ice" that he pushed down ...

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by utente
Pia on your shoes- Jay Smithline
Hi ! Jay, This one suprice me-Religiues- Modern Ikon- But great work! I do appricite your comments here on, best rgds. hans alexander (- ; /

0 > 2 years
Abouta dissa Pia ona da shoesa thinga...
I gotta just a one a question...does a dissa Pia, she's a stand a uppa or sitta down when a she's a pee? Because if she's a man a and a she's a stand a up, I'm a no wanna Golden Shower on a my besta I
 Lastest-- Shes-a-pee-a-sitta-downa for-a extra 50 a bucks-a- shes-a- PIA on your-a- ELaGanza Beatle-a-Boots-a........Thatsa Guido a your'e a cousin-a........ona the righta thatsa PIA

1 > 2 years
by dots
Ooooooo Jay -- I like this one!
Who are those guys in the corners? I find them somewhat distracting. I think the piece would be stronger without them.
 Lastest-- lots of little people hide in the garage and sneak onto the poo sleds. i leave cookies out for them, they are my friends, they told me Pia is Working in Branford as Carrot Top's hair

1 > 2 years
by dots
I remember Pia
your style is really progressing in an interesting way, nice blend of figures. great concept

0 > 2 years
Fabulous piece Jay!
Your treatment of the central figure reminds me of the women depicted by the British Pre-Raphaelite movement. davidB: )

0 > 2 years
..I don't know what to say. . . I don't know what to say...
...but I will say it anyway: I really like this portrait. Her image drifts in and out--like a beautiful spirit.

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