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Art Piece
Title: Am I alone?
by: David Baker
Art Type: Limited Edition Prints
Media: Mixed Media Watercolor
Subject: Expressionism Portrait Symbolism
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Submitted by David_Baker

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Another amazing work,David
No Message.
 Lastest-- This work was the product of a period of almost clinical depression, as so often art is the product of either joy or sorrow. david: )

1 > 2 years
by David_Baker
such a strong blend of color! UNIQUE... How did you start it? What is the process? Elle. you are astonish o a diversity David. A Master to me! Please keep up the good work!
 Lastest-- To Elle, this mixed media self portrait began as a watercolour in which I laid the paint on so thickly in outlining the face that it dried into hard cracked areas, as around the mouth and eyes. I then

1 > 2 years
by David_Baker
This is disturbing, David - I'm drawn to the eyes and the details..
around the eyes - wonderful! Mary

0 > 2 years
Now, that's just a beautifully expressive ...
... and powerful abstract portrait, David! Lee
 Lastest-- ... and unending loneliness. It's good to have you here! :) Lee

3 > 2 years
by lkaloidis
i get the frustration
it is like a tempest. good work.
 Lastest-- Always a real pleasure to get positive feedback from you both. And yes Michael - there was certainly lots of frustration around in my life at that time! David: )

1 > 2 years
by David_Baker
am I alone ?
Great color. nice abstract image!

0 > 2 years
Am I alone?
No Message.

0 > 2 years
superb werk david, very "Baker-like" looks even a bit like m...
"don quichote", always recognizable even in the weirdest forms. that's a masters hand. best patrickg:-)

0 > 2 years
Am I alone? - David Baker
Wonderful work! I love your combination of colors in this piece.

0 > 2 years
No Message.

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