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Art Piece
Title: Grey Cubism
by: David Ehlen
Art Type: Original Paintings
Media: Oils
Subject: Abstract Cubism
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Submitted by Ehlen

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I don't always enjoy geometric-based abstract work...
I don't always enjoy geometric-based abstract works, but this one works for me. The skill of the painting evokes other media, as if this were folded paper or even steels. Nice job!
 Lastest-- Avens Publishing Group  is an international, Open Access publisher of peer-reviewed journals encompassing a broad spectrum of scientific research and

2 7/21/2017 2:25 PM
by Anonymous
Grey Cubism
Nice tonal balance, light and movement.  I enjoy the way this piece draws the eye in and around and the quality of the surface.  It seems a work inspired by great understanding and love.
Forest Lake, Minnesota, United States
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0 > 2 years
Grey Cubism
Exquisite as always David. The monochromism works so well here with the marble like features.  Love this and would hang it on my wall!

0 > 2 years
Wow this is so cool.  I think it's something I'd like to hang over my sofa.  It make me think of a church.  Or of architecture.  A few more colors would be nice, but they are not necessary. It looks l
 Lastest-- This painting was done in a gray scale manner. The texture on the canvas is not unlike steel and has a reflective quality to it. Most of it was painted using my hands and fingers. David Ehlen
Montreal, Qc, Canada
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1 > 2 years
by Anonymous
Lay out / ???
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0 > 2 years
magnetic beauty!

0 > 2 years
A Hand Painting
I would have guessed "digital", but NO,... this is a traditionally hand-painted piece, yes? Still somehow a more humanly somatic, visceral feat to me. But, digital artists, let's not quibble over my a
 Lastest-- A lot of this painting was painted with my fingers instead of a brush.

1 > 2 years
by Ehlen
Grey Cubism
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0 > 2 years
Fine cubist abstraction David!
I can discern a face/mask in this one too! david: )

0 > 2 years
excellent forms and colouruse.patrickg:-)
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0 > 2 years
Grey Cubism
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0 > 2 years
Grey Cubism-David Ehlen
very calming... nice work David E
 Lastest-- It was calming to create as well. I never did use a brush on this, just my finges and hands. It provided the work with the texture that you see. Thank you for the input!

1 > 2 years
by Ehlen

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