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Subject: The Blue Sublime
Posted By:  RobertKernodle 0 Replies
Posted:  > 2 years ago
My brush became matted with dry paint, causing thick strokes and ungainly grooves to appear in the gray background here.  I walked away dissatisfied, only to return pleased, as my pause enabled me to see this background new.  A sense of falling persisted while I looked at it.  I poured on liquid blues, aqua and teal, as I explored unplanned patterns.  Complex turbulence errupted side by side simpler, overlapping sheets of color.  A band of liquid streamed into a blob, which seemed to spawn a serene profile.  Mistake?  Masterpiece?  Mystery?  A mixture of all three, perhaps.  I had no formal intentions, only spontaneous revelations.  A long-necked head morphed from a car engine floating over a plumeting mass of water.  How the mind demands a familiar vision at all costs! 

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The Blue Sublime
Robert Kernodle

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