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Subject: Refine Sublime
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Posted:  > 2 years ago

The Blue Sublime suffers from real direction as a true art piece.  The contrast between the purple background and the blue ostrich-like foregrounds leaves a strange taste in the eyes. This is not to say that it cannot work with a little refinement but there needs to be a bit more lightness and contrast to the piece as a whole for the foreground to really pop out.  The use of different shades of blue is a nice touch but the piece overall still feels a bit too “one note”.  

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The Blue Sublime
Robert Kernodle

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Reply to Anonymous' Critique - "Refine Sublime"

Refine?! ...  No, no, no. ...  I wouldn't touch it! ...  That's not how this sort of painting happens. ... It is what it is or came to be...  But your impressions are still quite valid... In addition to what you said, one might also add that THE BLUE SUBLIME shows a remarkable lack of artistic skill.... Were it not for the laws of physics and the whims of chance, there would be no artwork here at all to speak of... In continuing to put forth such efforts as art, Kernodle parasitizes the fluid dynamic propensities of nature and takes the bulk of the credit for himself... The most intriguing aspects of this work, in fact, were created by the universe... Accordingly, Kernodle is little more than a lucky monkey flinging his colorful feces against the wall,.. trashing the planet with an excess of artifacts for which there are too few people who really care....... BEST USES: .. (1) Target practice by insistent landlord, as substitute payment for apartment rent not forthcoming, .. (2) Cabinet door for avant guard elf amoir with really little doors [did I spell all those French words right?], .. (3) Poster for a retro-restaging of the ""this is your brain on drugs"" campaign. 

RobertKernodle > 2 years

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