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By the artist on his work: Perhaps it's about the aspiration for harmony.Harmony between two worlds, today distant and counterbalanced. One made of precissions and certainties. Another made of dreams and intuitions. One material and geometric; limited and ephemeral.One intangible and ethereal; infinite and eternal.Could we find such harmony? Lets try!

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Artist: Carmelo Rocco


Born in 1935 in Uruguay, South America. Architect, Professor of Architectural Design at the National School of Architecture; Professor of Artistic Geometry at the national School of Fine Arts throughout over 15 years of his teaching career. Author of multiple architectural works for which he has been recognized in national and
International Competitions.
Prized in several expositions for his works created for the national affiliates of
The Coca-Cola Company, Exxon, Firestone, Carrier, Toyota, Bayer, Hoetch and Alcan
among others.
In 1990, He applies himself to the arts based on his 30 years of experience in the visual
In search of his own personal expression of art he created the Abstract Series, the
Figurative Series and the Imaginary Series.
His works were exhibited for the first time in 1995 in Uruguay, South America, at the
Italian Institute of Fine Arts.


1995 Italian Institute of Fine Arts, Uruguay.
1996 Agora Gallery, Soho, NY.
1997 Agora Gallery, Soho, NY.
1998 Agora Gallery, Soho, NY.
1998 Ward Nasse Gallery, Soho, NY.
1999 Meridiano Gallery, Uruguay.
1999 Agora Gallery, Soho, NY.
2000 Sodre National Symphony Center, Uruguay.
2001 Ministry of Maldonado, Uruguay.
2002 Ministry of the Interior, Montevideo,Uruguay
2003 Represented by Amsterdam-Whitney
Gallery,Chelsea, NY.Exhibition date to be

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