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Artwork by Ramón Lapayese (1928-1994). Figurative and abstract expressionist artist, featuring painting, sculpture and prints. Great Bullfight Scenes. full bio...
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Artwork by Ramón Lapayese (1928-1994)

Artist: Ramon Lapayese

Ramon Lapayese
(Madrid, 1928 - Miami, 1994)
Painter, sculptor, engraver.

1. Biography
2. What the critics have said
3. Awards obtained
4. List of solo shows

1. Biography

Lapayese began his artistic studies with his father. He continued by learning sculpture with private teachers and teaching himself to paint. At age fourteen he completed his first professional sculpture.

From 1942 to 1949 he audited classes at the school of Arts and Trades and the school of Fine Arts in Barcelona. He also studied music theory and violin at the Ainaud academy. Upon returning to Madrid, he went to the Circulo de Bellas Artes to draw. He began to work in ceramics, continued to study violin, harmony and composition, and also completed important works of sculpture. At the same time he continued to study painting in depth.

In 1954 he was awarded a grant from the Italian government to study in the Spanish Academy in Rome. In 1957 he went to France with a grant from this government, residing in the French capital for six years.

In Paris he completely developed his vocation as a painter, and also continued with sculptures and the study of printing, engraving, etc., in the school of Fine Arts.

From 1963 to 1984 he lived in Madrid, carrying out his work, commissions and exhibitions of painting, sculpture and engravings.

In 1984 he moved to Miami where he lived until 1993, year in which he returned to Spain. In these years he painted portraits, completed nine large pictorial murals in the state of Florida, carried out exhibitions, and at the same time worked as a professor at the University of Miami (Koubek Center), the University of Saint Thomas, and at Florida Memorial College. During his trips to Spain he worked on commissioned jobs and exhibitions.

In 1994 he returned to Miami to complete some commissioned work. He died in this city.

2. What the critics have said

"Lapayese displays a figurative expressionist style that is personal, strong and interpretive.
Emphasizing the composition, on the canvas he sometimes paints Spanish subjects of bullfighters
or guitar players, other times stylized fish and cats, almost primitive..."
J. Norval
New York, 1961

" (...)Only eight of his paintings [at this show] depict the bullfight. Even Picasso proves to be conventional. Nobody has learned to paint the game between man and animal like R. Lapayese has."
K. F.
Hannoversche Rundschau, 1966

"Ramon Lapayese constructs his figures by dislocating them; undoing the figurative thematic
basis, he is able to construct the forms that personally interest him: the forms of his painting.
Here is a paradigm of what the authentic figurative painting can mean opposed to the easy
decorative painting of imitation in that long road that painting has traveled, changing with
the fashions, from «pompiers» to hyperrealism."
Jose Marin Medina
Madrid, 1973

"We recommend an exhibition of Ramón Lapayese in Paris within a pure abstract orthodoxy;
we remember a success and we knew, observing his forms and composition, that Ramón Lapayese
would culminate in this magnificent spectacle of his painting, which we do not doubt in
qualifying as one of the most important figurative styles of the present time. He will certainly
be quoted in history, in this history that is made every time that painting is enriched with
something unprecedented, with the arrival of the creator...
These figures and forms of Lapayese carry within them a mystery, a pleasant mystery (...)"
Manuel Sánchez Camargo
Madrid, 1966

"(...)Ramón Lapayese presents a series of sculptures and paintings - in both techniques
he reaches a degree of excellence - within an expressionism with a radical accent. If in the
sculpture he achieves visual effects by means of formal connections of sharp intention,
in the paintings he obtains the same effects by accenting the colors in their most intense
and passionate ranges. But in neither case is there deliberate dissonance or deformation,
a frequent defect in others, and there is, on the contrary, a sure and vigorous diction and
an unmistakable personal accent."
Angel Marsá
El Correo Catalán, November 15, 1975

3. Awards obtained

1950.- Sculpture Award. Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.

1955.- Sculpture Award. National Competition of the Spanish Federation of Soccer.

1957.- III National Exhibition of Fine Arts Medal. Sculpture.

1962.- "New York" Award for Painting, Paris.

1963.- Special Gold Medal (Sculpture). II Biennial of Saragosa.

1969.- City Hall Award. VII Painting Contest. City of Tarrasa.

1970.- Barón de Güell Painting Award. Artesport, Bilbao.
II Sculpture Award. National Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Madrid.

4. List of solo shows

Ramon Lapayese featured 70 solo shows and more than 150 group shows.

Read the full list at:

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