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"Dreaming Stone"

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Artist: Hubert Cance

Hubert Cance was born in 1962 to a family of artists.
After some varied studies of art and history, he start to work as free-lance pattern maker for various scale modeling firms around the world, from France and then Ireland.
Following his return to France, he start progressively fall back in writing article and artwork, activity which now take his full time.

Agora Gallery
"Pathway to Perception"
Sept.4-Sept.25, 2007.

Camaver Kunsthaus
"Leone Verde 2008"
Cesi Palace
Acquasparta, Italy
May.23-June24, 2008

Camaver Kunsthaus
Varenna, Italy
Aug.20-Sept.02, 2008 (Artist of the day: Aug.22)

Camaver Kunsthaus
"Water Born Soul"
Villa Monastero
Varenna, Lecco, Italy
May.23-June.12, 2011

Camaver Kunsthaus
Il Giardino del Conte Rosso
c/o Acli
Via Conte Rosso, 5
Milano, Italy
June.24-July.08, 2011

X-Power Gallery
Taipei, Taiwan
March.7-March.31, 2009
"Revolution Art Fair"
Taipei, Taiwan
July.17-July.21, 2009

Diploma of Excellence
(Honorable Award)
Online Global Art Annual 2007.
"2 Art Now"
(for "White Tiger")
"Leonardo de Vinci Award 2009"
"Martin Luther King Award 2009"
"For promoting with their work, to the raising of the highest life ideal at international level"
"David di Michelangelo Award 2010"
"Salvo d'Aquisto 2010"

"Mick Bell Author's Prize 2009"

Mouse House (Books)
APMA (Magazine)

De Krieger (Books)
La Lorgnette (Magazine)
SEPEG ("VeMil", "Histoire Vraies de l'Aviation" + "Carnets de Vol" magazines)

Aero-editions ("Aero Journal" magazine)
Air Fan (magazine)
Air-Expert (Books + "Info Pilotes" magazine)
ALP-Marshall Cavendish (Encyclopediaes)
ARDHAN (Books)
Atlas Publishing (Encyclopediaes)
Avia-editions ("AFM" magazine) (Aviation Post Cards)
Caraktere (Books + "Batailles & Blindes" +"Ligne de Front" + "TNT" + "Aero-Journal" magazines)
DTU ("Replic" Magazine)
Editions du Barbotin (Books + "Minitracks" magazine)
Edybis (Encyclopediaes)
Hachette Publishing (Books & encyclopediaes)
Heimdal ("Histoire & Maquettisme" magazine)
Histoire & Collections ("Raids", "Steelmasters" & "Steelmasters HS" magazines)
Historia (Magazine)
J2P Editions ("Bateau Modèle" magazine)
Marines Editions ("Marine Magazine")
MVM ("Maquettes Volantes Magazine")
Petit-a-petit (Books)
T2M ("Tamiya Model Magazine")

Hong Kong:
Concord Publications Co. (Books + "Assault" magazine)
Dragon Models Ltd (Scale Model Kits Box Art)

Model Art (Books)

"In Hoc Signo" (Magazine)

United Kingdom:
"Aeroplane" (Magazine)
"AFV Modeller" (Magazine)
Alan W. Hall Publishing ("Aviation News" magazine)
HPC Publishing ("Air Pictorial" + "Aviation News" magazines)
"In Scale" (Magazine)
Mushroom (Books)
SAMi Publishing ("Scale Aviation Modeller" + "Scale Models" magazines)
"Tamiya Model Magazine"
"Tankette" (Magazine)

"Aeroplans" (Magazine)
"Air Wars" (Magazine)
"Armored Car" (Magazine)
"Flight Journal" (Magazine)
Kalmbach Publishing ("Fine Scale Modeler" magazine)
Merriam Press (Books)
SAFCH ("Small Air forces Observer" magazine)
"Skyways" (Magazine)

C&R Editorial ("ASAS" magazine)

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