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My style, even though I donít like to label things, goes from expressionist-symbolism to Spiritual - surrealism . What I am looking to create and bring to life on my canvas, are deep emotions and feelings. In fact, I would like to paint the atmosphere of human experiences. I want people to be able to feel me through my paintings and I want my sensitivity and my womanís emotions to strike the eyes and become a part of any spectator. Diane Tremblay full bio...
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Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
Free the tresure
US $5,000.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
With the help of the angels
US $1,200.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
Who are we?
US $800.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
Wishes for the autistic kid - Voeux pour l'enfant autistique
US $800.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
Time Machine
US $4,000.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
Vallee de sucre (Sugar valley) 1998, 30
US $4,000.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
The theater
US $1,900.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
Reve ( dream )
US $5,500.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
The chessboard, 16
US $2,500.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
US $500.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
passages de la vie ( pieces of life )
US $10,000.00
Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay
RACINES ( ROOTS ) - 2004
US $1,200.00

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