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Babis, Kiliaris
Hi I'm Babis Kiliaris and this is a part of my work. If you need more art check the links below. Thanks for visiting. :}
Wings: Romantic, landscapes, icons, small art
Baby, Baby
Backs, Georgette
Georgette Backs is a self-taught artist and has been drawing and painting all her life.
Wings: Representational, Religious, Surrealism, Wildlife, Floral
Baker, David Featured!
This Gallery displays the mixed media and digital art works of David Lewis-Baker, a new media artist from Bath in the UK.
Wings: Architecture and City Scapes, Portraits and the Human Form, Abstract Art, Surrealism, Cubist Art, Nudes, Landscapes, Trees & Treescapes, Conceptual Art, Animal Art, Photography
Balanchivadze, Anton
Balivet, Emily
Welcome to Emily Balivet's Gallery of Mythological Goddess Art.
Wings: Goddess Art, Limited Edition Prints
Bamishile-Richards, David
Banks, Mitch
Wings: Foundations
Baquie, Susan
My art is the result of observation and experience as well as formal studies, styles varying from traditional to expressionistic and contemporary. I find art like poetry as it expresses more than the everyday or perhaps the everyday in ways that are different, exciting, inexplicable , beautiful and emotional.
Barbosa, Laura Featured!
New Jersey Artist Laura Barbosa is a Self-Representing / Published / Professional Fine Artist whom makes a living off her art and donates her artwork to charitable causes when supplies and time are available. She has already made a name for herself on an international level and has signed a contract with Icon Shoes. Look for Laura’s “Pug Dog” on Handbags, Shoes & Accessories in stores near you starting September 23rd 2009.
Wings: Original Abstract Art, Original Animal Art, Original Figurative Art, Original Fish Art, Music As Art Originals, Robot Art Originals

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