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E-Softtech Art Gallery Featured!
We are Large art gallery in Hong Kong and we have over 50 professional artist in mainland China to commission your job. Our artists have the painting experience over 10 years in average. We only paint in top quality. So the price you pay is for Top quality. All the oil painting reproduction bought from us are 100% hand-painted on oil canvas.
Wings: dog portrait, oil painting reproduction
Eberhard, Bertrand
I live and work in Paris. Art is for me more of a passion than a way to make a living contact me via email for more informations Enjoy :-)
Wings: Recent work
Eckstein, Juergen
With his paintings, the artist tries to stimulate the viewer to think about and look what is behind the shiny surface of things and activities around us in daily life and society. "Don't take everything for it's face value....look at what is behind the shiny surface".
Wings: Original Oils, Multiple Panel Oils, Sculpture
Edmunds, Charles
HELLO: I have painted in Charleston 20 years. Many Watercolors and Oil Paintings are shown on my Website as well as a 90 minute Documentary of the Coos Art Museum in OREGON.
Edwards, Gail Featured!
Wings: Floral, Furry Friends, Marina, Rustic Buildings
Ehlen, David
Welcome to my gallery. I've posted a lot of paintings that I hope you enjoy. Unfortunately photos don't do the work justice. I would like to encourage you to purchase this work to really experience the feelings put into them.
Wings: surreal, hearts, abstract
Ehlenberger, Eric
Contemporary art and sculpture incorporating neon, glass and metal.
Eichenbaum, Marianne Featured!
Thank you for visiting my gallery. As you can see, I am painting landscapes, abstract and contemporary/conceptual works. I do not only want to lay paint onto a canvas, but also produce a recognizable meaning behind the painting. Nature, people and emotions provide us with a tremendous opportunities to find inspiration to paint. I enjoy experimenting with different painting styles and tools. As an Artist, I want for people to enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed painting.
Wings: French Landscape, Abstract, Contemporary, landscape, floral, Seascape
Eicholtz, William
William Eicholtz is a contemporary sculptor, taking figurative art from its traditional lineage then transforming and placing it firmly in current artistic dialogue. Evolking classical themes, his sensual sculptures rejoice in metaphor and the physical, with particular emphasis on the male nude

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