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Fallon, Pat
Falqueto, Andreia
Fanning, Amanda
Farrelly, Kate
Most of my work is in photography, although check back for new additions including acrylics and oils.
Faustini Art Gallery
Galleria Fautini with more than twenty-five years of expierence in the art business and from the heart of Florence , presents a great selection of modern and contemporary art. The gallery features the works from Italian and International artists such as,Antonio Bueno,A. Possenti,Norberto Martini, Mark Kostabi, Giovanni Maranghi, Andrea Stella, Pablo Picasso, and more. Visit us and you will enjoy the complete range of quality art work.
Wings: Original paintings, Sculptures, Lithographs
Fedorov, Maxim
Wings: angel, dream, dream, dream, heavy sleeps, heavy sleeps, inside, it lost and search suffocated, maxim, Maxim Fedorov painting, religious, tv
Fedro, Thomas
For a practicing artist, securing a spot in a New York City exhibition is similar to a screenwriter selling a script in Hollywood - it's the first step on the way to the big time. Chicago artist Thomas Fedro has taken that step, with an exhibition just wrapping up at the Agora gallery in the SoHo section of New York. Fedro, has already made a name for himself on an international level after signing with CFA publishing last fall.
Wings: Recent Works
Feld, Stephen
Instilled with the belief that flowers and plants are among the most beautiful works of art on the planet, he has made these natural wonders his magnum opus. For the finest floral photography in the world, look no further.
Felfalusi, Arpad
Felix, Jeri
Hello Art Lover! Most of my work is landscape-painted on location. I work primarily with pastels. I also work with oil and acrylic paint in my studio-- painting still lifes and abstract pieces. Please visit my website,, to see more art, my resume and my artists statement.
Wings: Sky/Earth impressions, Earth Magic, Spirit Totems, Abstracts 2004, Winter Moons 2004, Summer landscapes 2003, Chrysalis Series

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