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J And I Art Dealers Llc
Jackson, Kelly Featured!
I am currently incarcerated in a Texas State prison.Most of my inspiration comes from my desire to be free. I use my art as a means to escape the harsh realities of prison life. The income from my art sales goes into a trust fund account to be used only for when I am released. Any buyer will not only getting a painting from my heart but also be helping me to get a start on a new life when I get out.
Wings: landscapes
Jackson, Lydell
Welcome to Sienna Studio's "dGallery", featuring works by African-American Artist, Lydell A. Jackson. Visit the gallery wings below to see more images. Thank you for visiting. Tell all your friends and family about us.
Wings: Originals, Digital Gallery, Digital Photography, Visiting Artists
Jacky Leather Company
Jacobson, Brian
bennyjet art photography: Milwaukee Wisconsin. Magnum in influence, starving by nature. Comments welcome, prints for sale or gallery show.
Wings: new work
Jacobson, Mark
Jahnig, Ross
Artist Statment I think that having this gift of being creative is one of the most important aspects of my life. I like the idea that something positive can come from the spirit and be made real, to be shared with others. My idea of good art is art that has a positive effect on the viewer in a way that makes for a better mood
Wings: prints
Jakobsson, Linda
At this point I want to quote one of the most brilliant masters of art.... " It misses the point to ask me what the scenes in my paintings mean. I do simply not know myself. Moreover, I´m not at all interested in knowing. " - Beksinski
Wings: L.Jakobsson 2007, 2008-2011
Jameson, Gary
Recent drawings by Gary Jameson, featuring imagery of the American landscape. To view more examples of Jameson's drawings, prints and sculptures, visit
Wings: American Landscape Drawings, Chesapeake Bay drawings, Available Prints
Janaskie, Jennifer

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