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La, Denise Featured!
Ladeveze, Pascal
Ladeveze’s style is greatly inspired by the impressionist movement but his paintings have their own modern twist with his rectangular brushstrokes and his use of bright primary colors. Ladeveze uses high realism and sharp detail to capture the ambiance of southern France in his own unique way.
Lai, Sen Fong
Lama, Jalai
Lambert, P
Lamberton-Rounds, Laurie
I am a colorist primarily. I love the interaction of colors, how adjacent colors affect and change each other, just like people who touch our lives change who we are.
Lambi, Trisha
I am an Australian artist specialising in portraiture as I love the human form and have been drawing people for as long as I can remember. A more recent passion is still life painting wherein I try to capture the myriad effects of light on an arrangement and the different moods it creates.
Wings: Figurative, Still Life, Portraits, Scapes
Lammar, Rom
Fine-Art by Rom LAMMAR from Luxembourg: paintings, sculptures, masks and drawings.
Landers, Deborah
Lanoue, Elaine
Original mixed media artwork and colorful textured acrylic paintings are available directly from the artist.
Wings: 2006 paintings, 2007 paintings, giclee prints

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