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P, Gnana Featured!
The Gallery of Gnani Arts In the Tamil language, the word "Gnani"(pronounced as "Niyani") refers to one who is enlightened,spiritually or intellectually. Founded in early 2003, The Gallery of Gnani Arts has been a local and regional trend-setter within its area of research and collection expertise- South Indian contemporary art by master and international artists. The curated collection includes charismatic sculpture ( granite, bronze, copper ), elucidatgion painting, lithographs and thematic
Padgelek, Mary
Pagels, Laurie

Wings: Floral, Nautical, Seascape, Wildlife, Dogs, Waterfalls, Landscape, still life, People
Panagopoulos, Apostolos
Wings: Omnimedial Images, Project : Silence, Project :Nameless hours, Oils, Visualisation of Sounds, Objects, Project: Interior
Paolozzi, Gianfranco Featured!
COLLAGEMENTS = COLLAGE of moMENTS. Compositions of points in time merged together. They are the discovery of the life I live day by day, moment by moment. My collagements are life and only life.
Paparone, Alain
French artist living in the south of France - Painter and illustrator from traditional to digital media
Wings: oil portraits, fantasy oil painting, digital illustration, fantasy acrylic paintings
Papas, Pamela
Welcome! Here is what I have seen to be good and fitting: to eat, to drink and to enjoy oneself in all one's labor...for this is his reward. Ecclesiastes 5:18 Painting is my labor and my reward. It is a gift to be shared! Enjoy!
Wings: Florals and Still Lifes, Landscapes
Paraggio, Cathy
Here is a collection of fine art photography featuring abstract, landscape and architectural forms found in nature.
Parcon, Roneyl Mikel
Paris, Gila
Artist/Photgrapher based in Luxembourg/Europe: In the work series Urban Vanity the photos of faces are integrated in their urban environment. This series was made in a former wheat silo at a ancient river harbor in Germany. The urban ambiance underlines the beauty of the faces and looks. In the work series of the Nomads in the Middle East I am embedding my photos in abstract painting, so I hope you perceive it differently. The ordinary scene becomes extraordinary, a message is sent. Color & comp
Wings: Urban Vanity

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